Halloween cookies. Nutter Butter Ghost cookies. Fun idea for Halloween.

Halloween cookies. Nutter Butter Ghost cookies. Fun idea for Halloween.

Halloween cookies. These Halloween Nutter Butter ghost cookies are easy and fun. Make some today.
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Cookie decorating - royal icing owl for Halloween cookie

In this video I show how to make an owl cookie, the eyes & beak are made in advance to facilitate assembly the day of production. The body feathering is done…

  1. HAYO3743 says:


  2. lutherraars says:

    nive idee

  3. Danielle Sims says:

    how cute

  4. ladyJello1978 says:

    yummy naw I want to make some. :) 

  5. austinwarrendesign says:

    go to austinwarrendesign for design tips!!!

  6. alflaka022 says:

    mmmmm yummmy

  7. swisskris says:

    Absolutely incredible!

  8. craftsandmore1234 says:

    How do u get the owl shape cookie????!!

  9. jolie jeferson says:

    how can i make the royal icing

  10. montrealconfections says:

    I agree but this design was geared towards children who can’t seem to ever get enough icing, I’ve seen children lick the whole cookie clean.

  11. rake0044 says:

    they look so cute and awesome, but do they really taste good with all that icing on??? :o

  12. pplam93 says:

    Hi thanks for your video very much! I have learnt a lot from it,
    However, I see it is quite complicated, And what I gonna ask is how long did you take for making this?

  13. tania eugenia daca gopo says:

    una pregunta, cuanto dura el royal icing ? ha q hermosos trabajos felicidadez………..saludos…..

  14. Carlos Duran says:

    love it want to eat

  15. Laura Gray says:

    I thought it was the large so I went ahead and ordered it…LOVE your videos…keep them coming :)

  16. PPEphotography says:

    Could you do the wings as transfers too? :) Love your videos!!

  17. montrealconfections says:

    Hi, this is the large but you can get the size that works for you the design just needs to be smaller

  18. Laura Gray says:

    What size is your owl. I noticed it comes in 3 different sizes

  19. demettre patricia says:

    good video

  20. LoveSweetShae says:

    Hi! What color/shade of green icing was that? It’s a beautiful color!

  21. Anjali Koganti says:

    That looks really good and professional

  22. Leona Geiger says:

    Too cute to eat.

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