Halloween Cookies – How To Make -

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  1. condit10 says:

    i promise i will make a video response teaching you how to make GOOD cookies.

  2. allyz14U says:

    You usually cut out the cookie shapes before you cook it but you know its all good :)

  3. jessaysmile says:

    they might have got further quicker if they’d knew the butter was supposed to be room temperature? hahah, guys you make me laugh!

  4. YourDude5683 says:

    I’m halloween loyal

  5. spanishbabe27 says:

    That cute little squeal that Alfie did when he turned the whisk on awwwww

  6. brittany1401 says:

    everythings better when marcus and alfie are together :)

  7. CandyCaneMuffin says:

    They are so adorable.

  8. madster012 says:

    You’re supposed to soften the butter by heating it up a bit or leaving it so it’s room temperature..

  9. teehee2147 says:

    it’s july and i’m watching a halloween baking tutorial…

  10. Gisela Dominguez says:

    Marcus and Alfie’s bakery, killing stomaches since 2012

  11. iloveoreos17 says:

    i love this comment omg

  12. Nicole Ryan says:

    I’m Halloween Loyal!

  13. julie10121 says:

    But late but I’m halloween loyal! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. TheDarkAngel14411441 says:


  15. janaye1117 says:

    if u look closely that cup had measurements on the side

  16. squidsicle123 says:

    You should name the bakery: Pointless Butler Bakery

  17. samantha matloub says:

    They should name the bakery

  18. tomissonotawesome says:

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