Greek cookie fight

Greek cookie fight

Animator Tom Megalis goes to visit his Greek family for a nice Sunday dinner and all cookie hell breaks loose. (Note to my amazing family that I love: This is slightly exaggerated not totally true crap that I produce so I don’t spend money on therapy.)
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  1. JKMCMpictures says:

    If you like this you should watch Cookie showdown by JKMCMpictures

  2. TheBellocazzo says:

    kouLOUraki, not kouROUlaki..hahaha..i used to mix this shit up when I was 6…complicated name for a little cookie,

  3. MarquisdeBarrabas says:


  4. HalooftheMuse says:

    Extremely funny… but no way i’m goin to get involved or rescue you from all that cookie dough you’re stuck in … you’re on your own big guy!!!! 5***** nice music…

  5. megalisstudio says:

    Haha, yeah I know I did get the koulouraki backwards..i must have been drunk when I recorded that…but really, efharisto yia ta comments.
    sweet of you!

  6. tammyback says:

    Yes, palavos!  hahahaha

  7. tammyback says:

    ees not “kou-rou-la-ki” vre, ees “kou-lou-ra-ki”, you got it backwards, but the Greeks will get it… palavos! LOL~

  8. peenellow says:

    maglise man u are funny hey id like to work with you i have some good stuff to and im a greek kid as well with an itie dad send me a messaged if you want to do somthing

  9. megalisstudio says:

    Thank you.

  10. moufa999 says:

    ok then… you are forgiven… :) 

  11. megalisstudio says:

    don’t get me wrong…I LOVE GREEK WOMEN!! respect.

  12. moufa999 says:

    so, our butts are ready to explode ha? on behalf of all the greek women thanks alot…

  13. Dolljewel says:


  14. megalisstudio says:

    Thank you man. appreciate that.

  15. Jessebobhimself says:

    your animation is amazing. Funny story especially liked the guitar playing brother

  16. megalisstudio says:

    funny man.

  17. megalisstudio says:

    well——everything was INDEED covered in plastic
    wasn’t it???

  18. shikamarugirl675 says:

    That can’t be your house – the couch isn’t covered in plastic, hahaha. Oops, I’m on Patty’s YouTube name – this is Chris Mines. Hi Tom!

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