Grandma’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Raw Vegan Style) Oh my gosh, these cookies are delish! Joey B ate them all! The ingredients are really simple, there is minimal prep time and no…
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  1. HealthNutNutrition says:

    I just bought a food processor so I’m def going to try making these:)

  2. Courtney Phillips says:

    Every time i watch your videos it makes me want to go to whole foods so i can make your recipes :) you and your recipes are a great inspiration for the substitution guide cookbooks im currently writing! thank you for everything you do!

  3. Light Twins says:

    Hello everyone if you like raw vegan food you will love my channel. Lets transform together!! Great upload keep them coming :)

  4. Lina Strindlund says:

    they have both organic and ordinary in the grocery stores here… but I never buy organic cause they´re too expensive and I eat ALOT ALOT! :D will buy ecological /organic when I get more income…

  5. Lina Strindlund says:

    can I use something else instead of mulberries? they are expensive here in sweden….. :(

  6. katbird158 says:

    nom, nom, nom ;-)

  7. Nicole Kathryn says:


  8. Lina Lau says:

    i cant fucking deal with you lipsmacking in every fucking video it’s driving me crazy

  9. marietka10 says:

    hi did you find the ingredients?

  10. CirosKhan says:

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  11. InkOfTime says:

    Now I see why you love mulberries so much, though. I thought I hated them. I had some in a ‘raw superfood blend’ a few months back, (it was also non-organic,) and I thought that all of these supposedly delicious superfoods tasted…not so great, to be mild. And I found myself cringing internally and wondering what replacement I could use in your many mulberry-infused recipes. No replacement possible or needed, though! They taste amazing and I actually *feel* really amazing after eating them.

  12. InkOfTime says:

    So, I bought some mulberries to use in this recipe. I’m sure it would’ve been great, but unfortunately I ate them all before I got the chance to make it. *sigh* Next time… (I’ll buy extra. XD)

  13. yhwhtamu says:

    Where do you get raw organic dates? Thanks Megan, love your recipes :)

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