Grain Free Sugar Free Cookies- P3 hCG Diet Recipe- Bloopers at End!

Full recipe and blogpost here: You can buy hCG online for hCG injections or to mix as h…
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  1. HCGChica says:

    Aww thanks! I love having him get involved- makes it so much more interesting- kids are so much funnier than adults lol.

  2. HCGChica says:

    All thanks! Of course I think he’s cute too as his mom… ;0

  3. jewordsoflife says:

    OMG!! He is SOOO KEYUTE!!! Who cares about the cookies, I just wanna eat him up!! Lol I could watch this over and over!! :D

  4. freegurl76 says:

    I cried laughing at all the cuteness Chef Nol is bringing! Food Network should pick up this healthy cooking program…”I need carbs too, Nolan!” Lol

  5. HCGChica says:

    Awww thanks so much!  We had fun doing it.

  6. sugarbug hcg says:

    ssssssssstoooooooooooooopppppppppppppp.. so cute. seriously. love how he said “pumpskin seeds”. i think it is absolutely awesome that he cooks with you!ugh love these videos

  7. HCGChica says:

    Hi! I mentioned it the vid I’m allergic to egg yolk- but you could certainly try it with the yolk and I bet it would be yummy- maybe just use less eggs.

  8. valbakke says:

    why not use the whole eggs?

  9. sunny blac says:

    the kid is hilarious

  10. Jessi LuvsLife says:

    Omg Nolan steals the show every time! Loved the bloopers!

  11. queennefretiti says:

    ur son is way too cute and hes so smart! I love baking with my kids but sometimes all the ingredients end up everywhere when they are little so i call them in when everythings almost done to avoid the mess! I couldnt find anything on amazon for the mixing they have a kit but its not with the water.. are there any other cheaper sites?

  12. HCG Carey says:

    OMG! Your son is adorable. I don’t make videos but I watch all yours and I have used HCG for weight loss and love it. I just had to tell you good job on those cookies I just made some and they are delish. They taste a bit like pumkin bread. Yum. I am alittle worried about the Erythritol making me crave more sugar, cause it is so sweet but I will see how it goes. Thank you for sharing your idea for these cookies!

  13. HCGChica says:

    THanks so that’s so sweet- really though I’m not always patient! It’s easy to be patient on camera since everyone will be watching lol. I’m really just a regular mom who gets pretty frustrated sometimes too. ;) -

  14. elainamari1 says:

    what a great education you are providing for your son, and you have the patience of Job, girl lol

  15. hcgcowgerl says:

    Omg!!! He is the cutest thing!!! Just like his mama!!

  16. MightyMouse Lisa says:

    Hahahahahaha! So enjoyed that! He’s just too cute….just like his Mum. :-) Thanks for sharing the recipe. Hugs.

  17. suziesbody says:

    Awsome! Thanks for that. I’ll try this out when I get to P3. What is the texture of these cookies when you bite into them?

  18. HCGChica says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you all enjoyed watching him! He’ll definitely be around for awhile! :) -

  19. HCGChica says:

    Erythritol is actually a sugar alcohol, kind of like xylitol, except it’s usually much better for digestion than xylitol and doesn’t cause nearly as much bloating. Erythritol is better in general for baking- stevia I find just doesn’t taste very good in baked goods unless you use just a little as just part of the sweetening. That’s what I’ve found anyway.

  20. HCGChica says:

    Lol- I’m so glad you got a kick out of the sneeze! It will be fun to look back on these in several years when my son is 13!

  21. HCGChica says:

    I know- way too fast for me! I wish he’d grow up a little more slowly now for a bit lol. Everyone loves the sneeze!

  22. HCGChica says:

    lol thanks! The bloopers were an afterthought after I had a lot of footage and realized there were some funny little bits in there.

  23. HCGChica says:

    Oh yeah- I just use it because I’m allergic to whey protein- I do like the sun warrior in smoothies though too which thankfully that stays raw.

  24. HCGChica says:

    Thanks!! It’s so super fun making him part of it in the vids- I always make sure he really wants to do it though- us moms can get carried away lol.

  25. HCGChica says:

    Aww thanks! He has always been a communicator, even since he was a little baby- he’s a little people person all around.

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