Gluten free Holiday Cookies!

Sorry the sound got all screwed up! Facebook: Music: “Mocking Bird/Diamond R…
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Here’s a holiday commercial for Pillsbury Sugar Cookies featuring the Pillsbury Dough Boy and some kids making Christmas cookies. “Fresh ‘n’ hot.” This aired…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. NorthernMonkey says:

    I’m vegan, but attempting gluten free nearly broke me. The only time gluten
    free was palatable was when I was in California. Living in Dubai, it’s
    impossible to find anything, barely anyone even knows what gluten is out

  2. mebesaturday says:

    again you rock! Traders Joes GF ginger snaps are the bomb. Audio was a
    little off??? what program do you use to edit your vids?

  3. Dantespaces says:

    I would totally love to do a health channel with you, that’s a great idea
    too! so sick!

  4. Scott Morrison says:

    the candy canes over there are absolutely massive. :/ i want one

  5. bksmith82 says:

    Health series=yes

  6. hondal22 says:

    Omg, I have ADD! And I just paid attention to your whole video all at once.
    Conclusion, your video are that good… You keep me entertain!

    Thanks Alana, you can talk about what every you want, and it will still be
    a great video.

    Have a Merry Christmas!


  7. twest122 says:

    Like your video, would love to see more of your videos. You’re a cutie

  8. Bailey Smith says:

    Your so pretty

  9. imkluu says:

    type 5 it is cute.

  10. 4488azad says:


  11. thejessta says:


  12. bullboy says:

    I like it.

  13. mabbio01 says:

    I think you sound good !

  14. featherman9 says:

    Just some DIY Gluten free treats.
    - Merangs
    - Chocolate Moose cake
    - Just some fresh pineapple juice with mint leaves that go through the
    - I make chocolate bowls and put homemade ice cream inside and it even
    tastes great.
    - A bowl of fresh fruit always does the trick you can add whipped cream or
    chocolate to make it better.
    - A not so healthy but delicious treat is fresh strawberries and or
    blueberries with some raw sugar and top it off with sour cream.
    - A fun and simple trick to make quick strawberry ice cream that only takes
    a few min to prepare is half frozen strawberries some fully frozen
    strawberries and then a hand full of fresh strawberries you add some
    chilled heavy cream some raw sugar or simple syrup depending on if you want
    a crunchy sugar or just a plane sweet taste. you throw that all in the
    blender (sometimes you need some ice/water) and in like 30-40 seconds you
    got ice cream!

  15. Allen Pittman says:

    I wish you were my snickerdoodle

  16. LIANA says:

    Don’t die! Excited for your health series! :) You should vlog your

  17. tbrais says:

    You should totally start a health vlog! I’d watch 

  18. fwijffels says:

    Week shows, vlogs, travelchans, health videos, they’re all awesome! Every
    AlanaChan video makes the world a better place, so the more videos the
    better! <3

  19. SilentReflection101 says:

    Please do a health series. A lot of my friends are gluten free. I’d love to
    hear more gluten free ideas.

  20. jenjenthompson says:

    No keep doing these videos I love them 

  21. Meghan Tonjes says:


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