Gluten Free Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are out of this world good, and will have your guests begging for more. The bars are almost a cross between a candy bar and a cookie, with a lovely butterscotch flavor. Go to to get the recipe.

A delightful combination but very, very sweet, so cut into small pieces. Found this in a Pillsbury 45th Bake Off cooking magazine. 1 package refrigerated cookie dough (I used chocolate chip, but the original recipe called for sugar cookie dough) If you can’t find this in your country, just use a regular cookie dough recipe from scratch. 1/2 cup butter 1 can (14oz) sweetened condensed milk 1 cup white granulated sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar 1 3/4 cups graham wafer cookie crumbs (if you can’t find these, use any mild not-too sweet plain cookie or biscuit) 11 oz of chocolate chips (about 2 cups) 1/2 cup peanut butter Additional chopped peanuts for topping if desired. Grease 9×13″ pan with cooking spray and spread the cookie dough in the bottom of it. Bake at 350F for 15-25 minutes. This time will vary depending on your cookie dough, bake until set or golden brown. Remove from oven and cool on a rack for 15-20 minutes. In a heavy saucepan melt the butter over medium heat, stir in sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar, white sugar. Add graham cracker crumbs, mix well and bring to a boil, stirring constantly (This will burn very quickly, if you notice it is starting to stick to the bottom and you are scraping up brown bits, turn down the heat and don’t stop stirring) Once you see bubbles starting to come up through the mixture (boil) turn the heat down to low and cook 5 minutes. Pour the sugar/milk mixture over top of the cookie layer and spread out evenly. Melt the chocolate
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  1. polkamonkey1 says:

    Where did you get the Vegan Dairy Free Chocolate Chips??

  2. YesNoMabeeVlog says:

    This is a great recipe! and video! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. kiecake says:

    Why not just say how much you’re using instead of forcing someone to go to your website? That’s okay, I can nom on gluten anyway.

  4. anthony66363 says:

    4 stars video

  5. V15U4L3RR0R says:

    I definitely want to try these.

  6. hypnoexp says:

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  7. ttylomglolcrazee says:

    how are chocolate chips dairy free? that doesnt really make sence

  8. CeliacReviews says:

    Hello everyone, I just created a website for people with celiac, the site is still under construction but the forums are up and running and I would love to build a nice community within those forums. I am working on building a database with all gluten-free food as well. Check it out at celiacreviews()com with () being the dot of course “.”

  9. everydaydish says:

    You can find all of the recipes on our website everydaydish(dot)tv

  10. mermaidstar7 says:

    yea we dont have those recipes. Yea right we cant make those!

  11. kiddlyjesus3000 says:

    gluten is not sugar it wheat protien u are thinking of glucost

  12. mcskep says:

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  13. Linksonic5 says:

    I am not diabetic. I am sensetive to wheat and dairy.

  14. Linksonic5 says:

    Were sayng “WE CAN’T EAT IT”, NOT “WE DON’T WANT IT”, Nefell1969.

  15. Nia517 says:

    Wow, I made these today (with Almond milk instead of coffee) and it is SO DELICIOUS!! :D just a little bit totally takes care of ur chocolate craving! Thanks so much for this!

  16. everydaydish says:

    No. Some cane sugar is processed with bone char.

  17. shekxy says:

    Isn’t sugar vegan all the time anyway?

  18. Wildflowers01 says:

    mmmmm thank you for the gluten free recipe!!

  19. everydaydish says:

    I think they should taste fine with regular flour.

  20. tigerlilyxoxo says:

    Wow! These look fantastic! :) I’m making these for sure.

  21. jgirl32 says:

    great i’ll make them today do u think it would affect the taste much if a regular flour is used?

  22. everydaydish says:

    Hi Lucernrox. No, this would definitely not be a good dessert to serve to diabetics.

  23. lucernrox says:

    is this type of cooking good for diabetics? I’m not diabetics, but I do have friends who are

  24. LIfeLongLaughter says:

    were do you work
    i could use a jop, especially if you works there lol :)

  25. nerdsshouldbeawesome says:

    I want to eat that but I’m on a diet! D:

  26. jhzhu2 says:

    Houses the best baker I’ve seen :P

  27. Cupcakesweetiee5 says:

    whats not to like? 20 people are weirdos..

  28. BummbleBlee says:

    Haha LOL

  29. AzzianAngel1998 says:

    Yoyomax12 Why you no come and cook for me at home :{!?

  30. MusicCelebritys says:

    I really look up to you , Iv made so many of your things that my Parents actually get mad at me cause theirs so many dishes!! :) I actually have made TO many of your things. Their all really good. Your doing a great job of making your subscribers happy :) .

  31. theaca18 says:

    The brown sugar made me laugh. XD

  32. HairMakeupBeautyy says:

    Coild You Use white Chocolate Chips Instead Of Regular Chocolate Chips?

  33. Brya Harris says:

    my dad makes these for the 4th of july party! now i bet most of you wanna come…

  34. LilyC0714 says:

    What is your first job..?


  35. pinkandpurple211 says:

    Do you work in Manteca Nursing Home?

  36. AbbieLooWho says:

    @ladyolullaby if you reduce the sugar by half then you will have to reduce the whole recipe by half, caramel is a difficult thing to make and you cannot change the porportions or it wont work. baking is a science, you have to be exact plus the sugar isnt just for sweetness its for the body of the caramel…dont only reduce the sugar by half

  37. lexxyng says:

    I’m skimming your sweets to find a recipe I could make for a guy I really like.
    I’m a strong believer that if you can bake, you can keep a man forever.

  38. MissLindchen99 says:

    You’ve got a own song? great!

  39. Onthebrightside4ever says:

    i luahed at the ads

  40. ladyoflullaby says:

    They seem delicious, but my tooth ached when I saw two cups of sugar go in the centre. Ouch! I think I’ll reduce it by half. Has anyone out there tried that?

  41. 89990000 says:

    I love this video. I’m not making desserts but I can smell the fragrance of the cookie bars…….all my teeth are sweet teeth.

  42. taeminnie11 says:

    need more sugar…

  43. theperceptivereality says:

    that’s the best you can do?

  44. Peguinstorm3005 says:

    thetimesphere yes i have but i never tried it

  45. Br0wnWings says:

    In England we call these millionaires shortbread :) 

  46. adamesmercedes112 says:

    I just love this recipe. This is an absolute keeper. thank you and God Bless. Mercedes in Las Vegas.

  47. Shanjida Ima says:


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