Gift Basket?

Question by bandfrk115: Gift Basket?
I wanted to give my friends a gift basket.Any ideas?If you do,I need it to be kind of cheap.Less than 40 dollars,maybe?.(Trying to cut down the spending…hehehe)Please post an answer if you have an idea!

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Answer by Ella D
Fruit, Sweets, Flowers. Hope i helped

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  1. beautiful92 says:

    Well a gift basket filled with things such as body lotion, body splash, and a pair of pajamas would be nice and cheap depending where you shop at.

  2. akshatha b says:

    hmm.. i guess u can gift a show piece….

  3. SmiLEe FAcE says:

    try something unusual interesting things instead of just plain old fruits or flowers.

    small soft toys
    home made cookies or muffin
    or poems saying how much she means to you!!!

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