gift basket ideas for 13 going on thirty?

Question by keenbee: gift basket ideas for 13 going on thirty?
I need ideas for a gift basket I plan to put together for a friends b-day. I’m planning on putting razzles along with the movie, but need more ideas.

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Answer by Zack79
I’ve recently read a nice article about gift baskets and got a lot of nice ideas

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  1. Meagan says:

    Pampering Gift Ideas
    Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Body Scrub, Love Coupons, Mother’s Day Coupons, scented soaps, massage oil, bubble bath, loofah, flannel, nail polish (with toe separators), candles, massage roller, eye mask, microwave heat-wheat bag

    Coffee Lovers
    Selection of gourmet coffees, chocolate-coated coffee beans, coffee candy, coffee and walnut cake, and dark chocolate (for the caffeine hit). You could bake cookies to go with coffee (e.g. Italian Biscotti). You could also add a coffee mug, and present on a tray.

    Girl’s Night In
    Make a pamper hamper full of girly treats for the perfect girls night in! Include nail polish, hand cream, face mask, romantic comedy DVD or a girly book or magazine, popcorn, chocolate brittle and other indulgent treats! This is a great homemade gift basket idea for sisters and close girl friends.

    Boy’s Night In
    Stock your hamper with a few beers and some savory treats like nuts, crisps, salsa, and popcorn. Include computer games or an action DVD to watch, or a pack of cards and poker chips, or board games.

    Don’t hold back, anything chocolate is perfect for this homemade gift basket idea! Hot chocolate to drink, blocks of chocolate, homemade truffles, chocolate brittle, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate brownies (or brownies in a jar that they can make up later!), chocolate spread (nutella or similar), and anything else chocolatey you can think of!

    Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets
    Any sort of Christmas or winter-themed foods will be perfect for this basket! eg. Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, homemade jam, homemade chutney, homemade biscuits, Christmas crackers, spiced nuts, homemade mince pies, homemade flavored alcohol (eg. sloe gin, raspberry vodka), wine or port, mulled wine sachets, drinking chocolate, homemade chocolate truffles, after dinner mints, any sort of gifts in a jar that they can make up themselves (eg cookies in a jar, brownies in a jar, soup in a jar)

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