German: How to Make Peanut Butter Cookies

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Learn German - Episode 45: Syntax 6 - Subordinate Clauses (1)

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  1. p0773dp14n7 says:

    I thought Subordinate Clauses were Santa’s little helpers….

  2. killipedi A says:

    I have a stupid question that is not related to this subjects. do native
    German speakers forget the articles of the words and the plural form of
    them? because to me, that’s the hardest part in learning german >.<

  3. Nathan Woodfield says:

    You play piano? I just noticed in this episode you have one. :P 

  4. Learn German with Herr Antrim says:

    This is one of the grammar topics that I love teaching (although it doesn’t
    come up in the classes I currently teach). There is so much fun you can
    have with German when you use subordinating conjunctions and clauses. It
    becomes a fun game of “where do I put this verb?” 

  5. taz0k2 says:

    Very awesome videos! They really help to accelerate my learning.
    What is still a bit unclear to me is conjunctions connecting “segments” 0:50

    In the two example sentences 4:46 after “und” the order of words are first
    in main clause order and the other example in subordinate clause order.
    When googling I see that after “und” follows subordinate clause word order.
    I guess there are exceptions to this then?

  6. Jeffrey Kallas says:

    Quick question. Since German is a language that can have changes in the
    word order because you mark the nouns based on their gender, number and
    function, is there ever a situation where a modifier can be misplaced? What
    I mean is that you meant to say one thing and accidentally altered the
    Ex). A newspaper actually had this on their headline: “Police shoot
    dog-biting girl”
    What that meant to say was a dog bit a girl and the police shot it.
    However, it is actually saying that a girl bit a dog and the police shot
    the girl. Funny eh? Anyway, just wondered if that happens in German.

  7. bradwatson7324 says:

    Calm your pants? ;-D

  8. Jerae Bryant says:

    It’s getting eerie how many German words are also Spanish words…
    Tasse –> Taza (same pronunciation)
    Mode –> Moda (same pronunciation)
    Kastanie –> Castaña (same pronunciation)
    Probierien –> Probar (similar pronunciation)
    Mais –> Maíz (two syllables, otherwise same pronunciation)
    Klar –> Claro (add an “O” to the same pronunciation)

    I just wouldn’t think that there would be as many similarities as there are
    considering that German and Spanish are apart of two different linguistic

  9. James Cook says:

    if die Tasse is a cup but also a mug and der Becher is a mug but also a cup
    how am I suppose to learn the right word for cup and mug???

  10. terry7893 says:

    Who in their right mind, unless they’re an EVIL English teacher, is going
    to know subordinate clauses, conjunctions, proper verb position,
    predicates, and syntax???

  11. rockyscarlet says:

    is it me or she looks like scarlett johansson but prettier

  12. Mike Mandragon says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for going into detail. I think this might still be a
    little over my head so I am going to re-watch the other syntax videos
    again. haha Also, I see sheet music! haha nice :D 

  13. Gillian Wilson says:

    How did your english get so amazing Katja? hehe a random question what is
    your response when a person uses german as their second language and their
    word order or pronunciation is way off… Would you laugh? I kinda get how
    silly I sound and how ungerman too. HAve you watched extra auf deustch?
    Extra ist lustig!!!!!

  14. Raul Saavedra says:

    Looking forward to the conjunctions episode. Definitely needed for very
    basic phrases and daily conversation.

  15. Walid Souiher says:

    i hop u are okay katja .. i want ask you somthinf i hop u do this
    Providing a video for one want make people knew who we are … like make
    others know who you are? What do you do ! and what you do in your life and
    what like hobbies?? …. Everything that can help
    I hope you putting video of this stuff …….. and thank u for all

  16. Alejandro Puig says:

    Great video thanks!, my greatest problems with german are the syntax and
    the “cases” but I’m also practising in Memrise and I’m doing well… I
    think :D 

  17. Cuza Adrian says:

    I just love your voice.

  18. Elif Su says:

    <3 thank you so much 

  19. liquidice812 says:

    reference is from brian regan, maybe?

  20. Seanburry17 says:

    “Ich trinke aus die Tasse, weil ich mag trinken aus eine Tasse.” “Auch, ich
    liebe Schwimmen gehen, aber ich möchte lieber Tennis spielen täglich.” Ist
    das richtig? :) 

  21. Alvaro Londono says:

    Hallo Katia ! Woww Zuerst wollte ich dir sagen , daß ich dich bildschön
    finde , Du bist eine echte süße Deutschlehrerin . Also , ich wollte dir
    eine Frage stellen , Warum trägst du immer Mütze ??? Ich möchte einmal
    deine Goldenehaare frei ansehen !! Was hältst Du davon ??. Ich wünsche mir
    deine Aussprache zu haben. Könnte ich deine Emailadresse haben ?? — ich
    danke dir für deine Deutschunterricht ! sind toll !

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