German Christmas Cookies

So I’m a baker. At Christmas, you have to be. Seriously, it’s an obligation – for at least one person per family. It’s like, the first born inherits the fami…
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  1. Carry H. says:

    Hallo! Mich würde das Käse Plätzchen Rezept wirklich interessieren! :D
    Great video :D

  2. Luise Plomi says:

    xD Des ist echt krass, wie die Vorlesestimme in meinem Kopf jetzt grad Hessisch gesprochen hat.

    Ich hab leider auch keine Ahnung, wie das auf Bayrisch heißt… xD

  3. HesseJamez says:

    cakes = keks …Interessant – hab ich zwar noch gehört, aber klingt schlüssig.

  4. HesseJamez says:

    Isch habb kei Annung, wie däss in Bayern haast, mir Hesse saache jäddefalls “Blätzschn” dazu.

  5. Luise Plomi says:

    You, my freind, are a very wise person.

  6. Luise Plomi says:

    xD Ach ne. Genau das hab ich gesagt. Dass die Bezeichnung für Wintergebäck alle 300m die Straße runter – metaphorisch gesprochen – eine andere wird. Genau das ist es, was sie glaub wissen wollte, im Video… ich weiß nicht mehr so genau, ist schon eine Weile her, dass ich das geschrieben hab… ;)

  7. HesseJamez says:

    “Plätzchen” is a useful standard High-German word. Obviousely parts with “own languages” like Swabia, Bavaria or Switzerland have another word for.

  8. KLProductiongermany says:

    In Brandenburg wird zur Weihnachtszeit auch Plätzchen statt Kekse gesagt.

  9. bzztblrg says:

    Seksi-keks :D

  10. Tye Pemberton says:

    This is one of my favorite of your videos, and I was thinking about it the other day. Is there any alternate meaning for Plätzchen other than “cookie”? I’d be curious to see if it’s an alternate term or a form of metaphorical naming/thinking.

  11. MB LU says:

    3:18 – LMAO! Great chicken dance!

  12. rik slater says:

    why would you make pee cookies well i think it amazing peeeeee peeeeee ;) 

  13. langeweilevideosxD says:

    Well I’m from NRW and I’ never call them Kekse at christmas time!

  14. lara lumina says:

    I agree :D In Christmas time, biscuits need to be called “Plätzchen”

  15. Becky Bean says:

    So… recipes? *A*

  16. Sasha Fix says:

    Oh, Cheese cookies… Brilliant!

  17. Fitzliputzli23 says:

    The German word “keks” is actually a commercial word created by German company Bahlsen in 1889. They just changed the spelling of their product “Leibnitz-Cakes” because when pronounced wrong the word “cakes” could have been associated with the German word for “poo”. The plural function of the “s” was soon forgotten so today Germans call a single cookie “Keks”. When it comes to old time traditions like christmas Germans tend to go back to older vacabulary and call their cookies “Plaetzchen”.

  18. eriklares90 says:

    My stepmom hails from southern Germany, she starts about a month and a half before christmas, or at least had to this year because of her job. next year, she’s going to put me to the task of Plaetzchhen backen. So much work, but the payoff is so delicious.

  19. backyardcnc says:

    I like cookies……………..

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