Fun With Food – 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Today I decided to make a new series called ‘Fun With Food’. For the first episode we are making some 3 ingredient Peanut Butter cookies. They are so good an…
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  1. lissa〈3 says:

    baking a cake is easier!

  2. MaddieKD says:

    You guys have the cutest kitchen! <3

  3. ssshlow says:

    your parent’s house looks amazing, would it be possible for you to do a
    house tour before you move? :)

  4. Cakeholed says:

    @vlogswithjim Ah right! Thank you! Did you use an external mic so there’s
    no auto-focus noise?

  5. Jhuliana Burgoyne says:

    ”we’re not going to draw them are we?” Funniest thing ever. Baking paper
    and tracing paper are more or less the same thing though. ALso I would have
    melted the butter for a bit in the microwave…I usually do that for any
    recipe….then let it cool if it needs it. LOVED the vid made me laaugh :D x

  6. GeorgeAndRuben says:

    Where is Tanya’s friend’s top from? I absolutely love it!!

  7. Mata Hari says:

    Good piece of advice: use an ice cream scoop to take out the batter and put
    it on the greasing pan. It’s easier, neater and more accurate.

  8. preservid says:

    LOL….they burned because you brushed the pan with butter…..More peanut
    butter I love you guys in these videos!

  9. Lynsey Ogilvie says:

    Vanessa turned into Jim at 3:04 lol xxx

  10. Judith Kent says:

    wow 0 views!

  11. vlogswithjim says:

    @Cakeholed A canon 600D. It’s great when you work it properly (i.e. when
    Tan doesn’t use it!)

  12. rosesarerare8 says:

    Babsy yeh? She’s so cute! Y’all are so funny and I’m really happy and
    excited for you two! love you two!

  13. Kanaiize says:

    nuuuteeeellllaaaaa <3333

  14. Tatjana Kunz says:

    is babs a schnauzer? oh man i love those dogs, theyre awesome and real good
    dogs! how old is she?

  15. emiliiiie1 says:

    Hehe this is great! Tanya, instead of flattening the cookie mixture with
    your fingers, you should press the mixture down with a fork lightly to even
    it out :-) I was taught that by my mum at least.

  16. Camille T says:

    Where is Tan’s top from?

  17. raspberrymacarons says:

    Your dog is adorable! Love the vid.

  18. Cakeholed says:

    What cam do you use? :)

  19. Lilyannabell says:

    I wanted to climb into the computer to mix all that for you both. Not bad
    attempt but maybe a little more practice, sorry. What was the recipe? I
    want to give it a go. And while I was in the computer I’d have a go a
    stealing the dog, soooo cute! Seen him/her (can’t remember) before but

  20. germangirl4017 says:

    Nutella makes everything edible! Practically it’s own food group in my

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