Freekey Zekey “Jim Jones & I Sold Cookies For Kicks” – Dipset’s Freekey Zekey put us on to his exclusive Honolulu Louis Vuitton sneakers and recalls hustling cookies with Jim Jones i…

To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website: Official Facebook Page: http://www.fac…

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  1. Decept1con says:

    freekey funny as hell

  2. 336freeman says:

    I can afford it. I’m not a mulch-millionaire (but worth a mil in assets) but if I was I would just have more of the same shit I already have. The most I spend on shoes is around 300 to 400. I have nice shit but no 1000$ shoes. Why invest so much money into something that just screams out “I am insecure!”

  3. JayH DoubleU says:

    ….so indoctinated…i watch this for pure comedy value

  4. pugghead says:

    reselling cookies/food at school…pretty industrious…wish id thought of that,

  5. IBlunts says:

    Justify it however you want. Because if you could afford it, you’d buy expensive clothes too.

  6. Greg Schwan says:

    where they get the money to buy the cookies??? lol

  7. Chad Lin says:

    Brothers so ghetto, they be selling cookies and candies at a Catholic school! Now, that’s thug life!

  8. J Martinez says:

    Shut the fuck up lol

  9. jaden meier says:

    so he was poor comin up but went to catholic school,dufuck????? (jackie chan troll face) lol

  10. johnny johnston says:

    Where your tooth go?!!

  11. sobuhselektuh2020 says:

    Pink fuck.

  12. mikeandmars2345 says:

    @0:30 though 0:35 WTF!!!! IS HE TALKING ABOUT

  13. Jagger James says:

    after every sentence he says “u no whadamean” haahaha

  14. SupaVillanDaKidd says:

    Lmfao yo can i get dem oreos?

  15. 12B4Uthekid . says:

    LOL funny dude, them hana louis look precious!

  16. 757gametime says:

    where da fuck this nigga been?

  17. 336freeman says:

    Its funny how people say they grow up poor and want better things in life, and when they get money they diss everybody who can’t buy 1000$ tennis shoes. Like hes better than you because hes got shoes that “no one has”. You know why no one has those? Because they r over priced pieces of shit, and alot of people have common sense! I can easily get 8 pairs of Air Max (most comfortable shoe ever) all different colors or get 1 pair of pink shoes no one has!

  18. Niyantrii says:

    How do u mix if u dont have a mixer like that?

  19. cathy Lee says:

    Am I the only one who sometimes watch her episodes mainly for her awesome/entertaining/bubbly personality?!?!?

  20. bumblebee4301 says:

    I’m really excited to make cupcakes shaped like ice cream cones! I have actual moulds, and I thinks they’re from Super Store. You should get them! I also have mini bunt cake pans and mini heart cake pans.

  21. Angela Hu says:

    Am I the only person who was surprised when you said I’m Laura Vitale, AND on this episode…

    You never say ‘and’. This is a very special video.

  22. cutiehuntergirl16 says:

    Im so making these for my birthday

  23. MrFoodCentral says:

    Of course you can replace with margarine

  24. Aifelya Azzahra says:

    can i replace the butter with margarine ???? because i leave in Indonesia, in in my country….butter that you use in the cookies is too expensive……please reply , i need your answer

  25. Michelle Arellano says:

    you’re so pretty Laura! I love your videos!

  26. nickbule says:


  27. Emily Rosado says:

    That i get to go see my dad in arizona

  28. sarahJBbigfan1 says:

    At my school starbucks, they sell your cookies!!

  29. Karkat Vantas says:

    i think you just have to bake them for around 5-10 minutes longer c:

  30. ClassyRemarks says:

    Ok. Thanks!

  31. chattingwithu says:

    I just made these today they were excellent! I didn’t have any vanilla extract so I put a little of rum extract and it was very good! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  32. iForever17 says:

    She said you can replace it with more butter.

  33. ClassyRemarks says:

    Do you need to use shortening or can you replace it?

  34. KissOfDeath775 says:

    Just made these and they came out perfect! definitely gonna make them again ;)

  35. Melody Song says:

    What do we need to add more for really crispy cookies?????

  36. zannia situ says:

    Awesome recipe definitely gonna try it out thanks for the recipe love u!

  37. andrewsalyssa18 says:

    But when we baked them they were soooo good thanks Laura!!

  38. andrewsalyssa18 says:

    My foods teacher has that exact same recipe for the exact same cookies!! She lied to us she said they were her own idea!!!

  39. MrLinushka says:

    i can’t get shortning…

  40. Laura Ho says:

    U r very talented

  41. suppsunshiine says:

    why was the coconut question awkward lol

  42. Naseem Ali says:

    HI GUYS!!!! No offense but it’s getting annoying…

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