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Try Alice’s famous four-ingredient peanut butter cookies, which are also gluten-free. This recipe is so simple that kids can do most of the work! The oven te…
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Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe Ingredients: ¼ brown sugar ½ white sugar ¼ cup Earth Balance Margarine or Vegan margarine ½ cup peanut butter 1 tbsp almon…

  1. PBS Parents says:

    See how to make these famous Four-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter
    Cookies from #kitchenexplorers ! Get the full recipe here: #cookingwithkids 

  2. zakoblivioa says:

    lol kids

  3. Monica Barrow says:

    See how to make these famous Four-Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter
    Cookies from #kitchenexplorers ! Get the full recipe here: #cookingwithkids 

  4. Meeshlog says:

    That’s a lot of sugar. It’s basically just peanut butter and sugar. Yuk.

  5. buzzwaffle says:

    Geeze, how many links do I have to click to get a recipe? But thanks, looks
    easy. And if you want to eat raw dough, egg substitute is best.

  6. Matt Ryan says:

    You can certainly drain off the oil, but the peanut butter left behind
    would be dry and hard and gross. It’s far yummier with the natural oils
    stirred back in.

  7. janine325 says:

    Laura Scudders makes peanut butter that is peanuts and salt. that’s it. I
    think that is what they mean. then you drain off the natural oil that
    separates in the jar and use the remaining peanut butter in this recipe.

  8. Joan Langdon says:

    Not a good idea to eat dough with raw eggs unless the eggs came from your
    own or a friend’s chickens and you know that they are salmonella free.

  9. Alice Currah says:

    Hi everyone. Just to clarify, the reason why I recommend using the natural
    peanut butter without the excess oil on top is because I have found it to
    be more suitable for this particular recipe, otherwise the other kind
    causes the cookies to spread flat. We use Smart Balance chunky pb. Of
    course you could make this recipe using whatever kind of pb you want to.
    You can also use your preference of sugar/sweetener and use less if you
    like. I encourage you to adapt this to your own liking.

  10. Juan Puente says:

    My mother always told me to thank before I speak!!

  11. Hollie Rivers says:

    Because the eggs in mayonnaise is pasteurized, eggs out of the refrigerator
    are not which means they may contain harmful bacteria

  12. Shelley Abbe says:

    Try oven temp 375 how I bake my cookies

  13. Sam Chang says:

    so much sugar!

  14. becker3030 says:

    Thanks for this simple recipes my son has many food intolerances and I have
    trouble finding recipes like these :-)

  15. Maureen H Loyacono says:

    Minor detail – I think she meant no ADDED oil such as the bad kind she

  16. dian ebert says:

    me too, have used this recipe for ages….1 cup peanut butter (no special
    variety), 1 cup sugar, and 1 egg…simple simple simple … love making it
    with very young kids cuz they can get into it too….

  17. Matt Ryan says:

    Charles, if you put the fresh ground peanuts into a jar and waited, the oil
    would separate out. It’s lighter than the solid parts of the peanut.

  18. Aayrshock says:

    Been eating uncooked cookie dough and licking the spoon from cake batter
    for almost 40 years. Eggs from the store, as well as directly from the
    farm. Not sick yet! :P *living a life full of yumminess, free from eggy

  19. Matt Ryan says:

    Smart Balance: “Ingredients: Peanut Butter (Peanuts, Dried Cane Syrup,
    Salt, Molasses), Natural Oils (Palm Fruit and Flaxseed Oils).” Adams:
    “Ingredients: Peanuts, Contains 1% or less of Salt.”

  20. Caroline Urdaneta says:

    Alice, I love your videos. You inspire me to get in the kitchen and cook
    with the kids.

  21. Queenypants says:

    3 ingredient recipe: 1 cup Peanut Butter, 1 cup Sugar, 1 egg. Whisk egg and
    sugar in a bowl, add peanut butter. Mix well. Use a tablespoon to make
    dough balls. Press with a fork in a cross pattern (hint: use water between
    presses to keep from sticking). Heat oven to 300*F and bake for 12-15
    minutes. Makes about 1 dozen. I’m sure the vanilla is a nice touch tho :)

  22. penelope worley says:

    Instead of white sugar, would honey work? Or Stevia?

  23. RiverLightRider says:

    well that’s what cookies are… sweets… add flour and it’s peanut butter
    and sugar on bread

  24. Matt Ryan says:

    I hate to be that guy, especially with such a cute video, but 1. to give us
    a complete recipe, all you had to do was tell us the oven temperature, and
    2. there’s no such thing as “all natural peanut butter without the oil.”
    It’s one or the other. If your peanut butter has no oil, then it’s been
    altered from its natural state as ground peanuts. The added ingredients
    usually include hydrogenated oils.

  25. angellica tate says:

    i made your cookies and i didn’t think i could pull it off but they turned
    out pretty decent i think ill try looking at how much flour i use

  26. Sarah Harah says:

    I’m sorry about your mom. God bless u 

  27. loveedigveggies1004 says:

    another great recipe

  28. Tasha Edwards says:

    @loveedigveggies1004 Thank You!

  29. TOOTIEFROOTY says:

    im glad u made this channel.. :)

  30. 1413088 says:

    I love you:) you rock boo!!

  31. Tasha Edwards says:

    @PacoPeekaPoo Its best if you use vanilla or plain, I used peach because
    that’s what I had in the refrigerator

  32. Tasha Edwards says:

    @Sassymarkrep Thank you!

  33. Tasha Edwards says:

    @steesamb12345 Thank you, but you dont have to be sorry. Everything works
    together for good.

  34. Tasha Edwards says:

    This was made last year, I honestly do not remember. I would just go with
    the ingredients in the description. I (personally) would cross reference it
    with another vegan peanut butter cookie recipe

  35. Taymater99 says:

    Best peanut butter cookies.. EVER!!

  36. Kia S. says:

    where do you vegan margirine from?

  37. M II says:

    I love your recipes! So easy to find and basic and simple! Thanks!

  38. Naomi Higgott says:


  39. Alex Carvalho says:

    Usually I love all your recipes, but this one came out of the oven 10
    minuts ago and I don’t like them. But thanks for sharing!

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