Fortune Cookies Not Found in China? (From The Fortune Cookie Chronicles)

Chinese people encounter fortune cookies for the first time. In conjunction with The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8. Lee (Edited by Sherng Lee Huang
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  1. NewCityFlo says:


  2. bumblebudee says:

    do they serve camel hump there

  3. cloud6060 says:

    Why would I bother with checking something completely useless? And you need to learn where your place on here is and it sure isn’t fucking with people probably 4 years older than you, little boy.

  4. DrBjamin says:

    Sigh.. its too bad you didnt check first before opening your big mouth. Maybe you’ll learn for next time lil boy. Maybe… ..

  5. cloud6060 says:

    Hm thanks for being so kind you piece of shit. I was just saying what I heard once. And I suggest you get some practice in trolling before you fuck with me.

  6. DrBjamin says:

    Hey dipshit.. try using the internet for what it was intended… research and information.. instead of running your uneducated mouth. As per the internets .. “Pizza – Originating in Italy, from the Neapolitan cuisine, the dish has become popular in many parts of the world.”

  7. cloud6060 says:

    American pizza is disgusting and fattening.

  8. cloud6060 says:

    Pizza was invented by the chinese.

  9. cloud6060 says:

    @Style386 Haha nice one but what is yerr supposed to be?

  10. HAINE817 says:


  11. rotcataergeht says:

    WHAT the hell is fortune cookie?? im azn.

  12. Tihmily2007 says:

    Though McLuhan’s Laws are pretty well realized nowadays even though he wasn’t taken too seriously in his time – I’m not sure how much it is an idea by this point.
    Thank you, I personally take pride in inputing my opinion. After all, beyond the videos, Youtube could have a community in the comments.

  13. LuminousFireflies says:

    There is a fine line between idea and reality. Although I agree partly with you, I need to commend you on a job well done in answering something that was written half a year ago.

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