Fortune Cookie Maker from Moose Toys

See the full review at The Fortune Cookie Maker lets kids write, create, and decorate…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. quianagomezqg says:

    I dislicke u need to show us how to make them

  2. Michelle Robinson says:

    walmart and $27

  3. Sheila Mae Bacayo says:

    why am i going on toys? I am supposed to search for songs. O.O

  4. TheKimico16 says:

    that’s stupid

  5. Titus9d2 says:

    so the cookies that im eating right now tastes horrible do not buy

  6. AGpixiestudio says:

    good to knooooow

  7. GenieVillain26 says:

    I like how they don’t expire until November 2014.

  8. Tori Jaramillo says:

    I have one

  9. h01010115 says:


  10. sleepCircle says:

    sprinkles on a fortune cookie and icing forsooth

  11. leilina lee says:

    i got it for x mas i did not pick doe i opened 1 present only i wish i can
    make it doe>.<

  12. Avienna832 says:


  13. Ricky Yu says:

    How did u get the cookies drying

  14. thebrickworker1 says:

    yeah dumb***

  15. Duane Taddei says:

    How do you like it??

  16. Melodie Watkins says:

    We got this for my kid it took 2 hours to make 1 cookie and it never dried
    right and it taste awful and bitter even the icing was terrible. My kid
    uses to maker bucket to store her crayons now. She was so disappointed we
    ended up just buying a box of fortune cookies, white frosting, than
    coloring the frosting, and coating the cookies with them. lol It tasted a
    lot better.

  17. Danielle green says:

    i want to by it

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