FOREIGN BEGGARS “FLYING TO MARS (Banvox Remix)” Now Available On iTunes Banvox Offi…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. creepingfate117 says:

    This is so fresh

  2. antiterroristteddy says:

    Reminds me of da vinci’s notebook. Title of the song.

  3. Ramaswamy Rengarajan says:

    It’s really the best song,tune,lyrics……..hey,did anyone notice his rollers on his shoes at the starting

  4. Round Bear says:

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  5. sophia rutledge says:


  6. raunoaia says:

    i speak estonian but still i can speak perfectly english and this is like honey to my ears this is sooooooo good!

  7. amber ballas says:

    I know most people won’t read this but my cousin has a really good voice in my opinion and it would be awesome if you checked out his song it’s Jay Dallas Pittenger – Morning Coffee. Thank you for your consideration if you actually are going to check it out!

  8. mwsleath says:

    i listen to this song every day

  9. LeCrimzon says:

    This is kind of like Gangnam Style.

    But for South Korea. ._.

  10. SketchKidVid says:


  11. Asha Jay says:

    This song is actually pretty good.. I mean apart from the lyrics meaning nothing -_____-… Funny tho

  12. CaptainMonkey0 says:

    HEELIES!!! I hope that’s how you spell it.

  13. Young Kim says:

    At the start it sounds like assasins creed music

  14. Anastasia Dalton says:

    the beach your at looks just like the one in thats what makes you beautiful by one direction

  15. MAADFamily says:

    sry bad spelling

  16. MAADFamily says:

    god decends from heaven and gives you milloin dollars

  17. fresiogamboa31 says:

    because the chorus sounds like coldplaaaaaaaay!

  18. BlackSharingan666 says:

    I showed it to my mom who doesn’t speak much english.
    She said it was very dramatic and that it was probably about something serious…
    Then I showed her the spanish cover…
    She laughed so hard, then told me to send it to her sisters and their mom!

  19. ajrocks2504 says:

    This song sounds dramatic but I’m bad at writing words, Toby your awesome lol XD

  20. TehSuperHero says:

    Love the heelies at the start.

  21. nia hines says:

    type in dramatic song and if u go down it shows u how one of the forein grandmas responded

  22. Dustin Masters says:

    my grandma loved this song

  23. ronwall3 says:

    Mijn engels vriend liet me dit nummer wat betekent het?

  24. Khajiit Freeman says:


  25. L Brisson says:


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