Easy Pilgrim Hat Cookies for Thanksgiving!

These are simple, yummy, and a festive way to celebrate the puritan pilgrims and their iconic buckle hats! Thanksgiving fun!
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  1. dsvkalleyoop says:

    I dipped my marshmallows in Nutella and omg it was sooo good. you should try it! everyone loved them @ my thanksgiving get together

  2. TheGreenAppleHome says:

    aahahahaa!!! wow- I looked up macbarbie and she did these this year- she got 135,124 views!! woot! woot! I did these last year 2010 and I only got 2, 300 some odd views! waah ;) they are cute and easy!

  3. LCisME3 says:


  4. TheGreenAppleHome says:

    I love that Big Boy :)  My son does too- he will point to it, I give it to him and then he hugs it!

  5. TheGreenAppleHome says:

    That sounds right.. I want to say she saw it in a magazine..anyways, everyone at preschool loved ‘em.

  6. trvlbuggy says:

    fun cookies…… thanks for sharing..

  7. micahstubz says:

    for cute! I may need to stay away from greenapplehome until my weight loss competition is over.

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