Easy Peanut Butter Cookies recipe

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies, Get The Best cooking Recipes: http://bit.ly/GetBestRecipes Check This 1000 RECIPES: http://bit.ly/1000RECIPES LEARN HOW TO COOK H…
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How to Make Princess Crown Sugar Cookies - By Cupcake Addiction

Learn how to make these super simple princess crown sugar cookies, perfect to compliment your Sofia the First Cupcakes and Princess Castle Giant cupcake, ava…
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  1. Sondos Soliman says:

    AMAZINGGG I never made cookies before and I followed ur Vedio and they came
    out Perfect! :) thank you sooo much! 

  2. Sandra Barrie says:

    Thank you for your peanut butter cookies recipe!

  3. Brandy Randy says:

    Oh man I’ve just made it and their are all delicious!!!

  4. Jhony clain says:

    #cooking #recipes #cookies 

  5. Sanam Asam says:

    Ohh! Love ur mixture

  6. Charles Deleo says:

    #recipes #cookies #easyrecipe #food 

  7. Clain mark says:


  8. Anastacia DollStudios says:

    Even better, let the kids decorate them. Buy lots of frosting in all
    different colors and lots of different sprinkles and set up a little table
    for princess cookie decorating

  9. Laura Kiik says:

    Now I am hungry!

  10. cottoncandydiva says:

    cute! I prefer to use royal icing on my sugar cookies

  11. Van Leo says:

    does royal icing taste better than fondant on cookie? or is it the other
    way round?

  12. lemonpiecharms says:


  13. Lo says:

    Another great idea! Looks fabulous

  14. Emma Holloway says:

    Royal icing would taste so much better. 

  15. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    How to decorate Princess Crown Sugar Cookies! Our final upload for
    “Princess Week” :) xx Elise

  16. Jackie Tan says:


  17. Jacqueline Francis says:

    This is nice ……….mm.mmmmmmm I love it

  18. Norma Salazar says:

    I love them there so cute like me , I am the only girl in the house so I am
    the princess

  19. MrsMusiclover147 says:

    In every single on of her videos, she always wears that black shirt and
    pink nails! I love all of her videos though

  20. Izzy Cee says:

    Did anyone notice her nails matched the pink fondant on the cookie?

  21. Kelsie Edwards says:

    Can you make a flappy bird shaped cake I really want one for my birthday.

  22. Cassie Eichner says:

    Can we use icing instead of fondant?

  23. livvy neimz says:

    So cute!!!

  24. Sunehpreet Kaur says:

    Can you please make Teddy bear cake pops please.

  25. iGeekyGirl13 says:

    Hi can you pls make a robin and batman cupcakes/cake pops
    /other stuff. PLEASE

  26. Kikkertje vee says:


  27. annie kinsella says:

    Do something pretty little liars!

  28. Eunice Roman says:

    These look delicious and so pretty! Thank you for sharing!

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