Easy Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Lean Body Lifestyle

Easy Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies - Lean Body Lifestyle

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  1. Rhenric Santos says:

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  2. etamika says:

    I can eat cookies again!

  3. cutiepie2895 says:

    I need this since i LOVE cookies!

  4. Michael Yeatman says:

    your a ketogenic diet?

  5. fagwatcher says:

    1/8th cup

  6. valbakke says:

    Every 5 carbs will turn to 1 tsp of sugar in the blood, doesn’t matter the source!

  7. iheartchocolate71 says:

    Try a mashed up banana. Just use a ripe banana and mush it up with a fork. (Or you can use any other mushed up fruit lol) Applesauce is the best tho because it has the most neutral flavor.

  8. hamm0di says:

    Just tried those. They tasted really nice but I had a hard time trying to shape them into the cooking tray because the mixture was sticky. Any ideas how to get rid of the bad stickiness??

  9. delmar545 says:

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  10. kingofimport says:

    sbstitute of apple sauce please….nt available near my place

  11. leticia cuenca says:

    Yum yum

  12. FGFsMo says:


  13. heatherbomb999 says:

    Try Sucanat or Coconut Sugar!

  14. onyxblack93 says:

    I’m a ketogenic diet, this is torture… but i can’t look away. Damn you.

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