Easy Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

You can make these easy gluten free peanut butter cookies, they contain just 4 ingredients. You can find the exact recipe at: http://www.copykat.com/2009/05/…
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The links to buy the hard to find items are at the end of this description. Click to show below if you can’t see it. Preheat oven to 350F 2 1/2 cups Almond F…

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  1. debmart59 says:

    Delicious Cookies

  2. Marla Summers says:

    I used gluten free flour & baking soda…….was perfect consistency and
    did not crumble

  3. Olipop Rainicorn says:

    u no hav to bake

  4. borntobewilder9 says:

    Jif Peanut butter is a junk trans fat food. Sugar – bad!

  5. Stephanie Manley says:
  6. HomeMade Healthy says:

    +djean schna asked “Ma’am I suspect allergy to stevia & am wondering if I
    used honey instead, what amount would I use??”
    Try 1/2 – 3/4 cup of honey. You can taste the batter to make sure it is
    sweet enough before baking and adjust as needed. Thanks for watching!

  7. Molly A. Block says:

    Hi Lisa, those cookies look great! And I have everything to make some, as
    soon as I finish watching 1 more of your other videos. I have been on a
    low carb diet now for 53 weeks and have lost 62 lbs! From a size 24 to a
    14, and I’m 45. It’s coming off slower now that I’m older, but I feel
    amazing, eating LC and good high fats like coconut oil! I have a question
    for you: I was wondering about adding a little xanthan gum to the recipe,
    to help hold the cookies together? I haven’t used much xanthan gum, only
    twice, but I read that it helps make gluten-free breads more ‘bread-like’
    and I imagine the same for cookies, and other baked items. I have only
    used it to thicken a couple of soups I made. Do you have an experience
    using it? I think only a little might go a long way. Mabye 1/2 tsp would
    do the trick for these cookies? I’m going to try it in a minute, I’ll let
    you know how they come out with the xanthan gum added. :-) 

  8. Blaze Dube says:

    you should look into the health benefits of using “Xylitol” Sugar, xylitol
    is undeveloped sugar that cleans and repairs teeth, alkalizes, kills
    bacteria, repairs tooth damage. comes from Birch trees and corn.

  9. Jan Carpenter says:

    Can I use the liquid stevia. I seem to like that better. I don’t notice the
    after taste as much.

  10. beth dona says:

    I have high cholesterol, would this recipe taste alright by just using the
    egg whites?

  11. Luz Segura says:

    Can we use coconut sugar instead of stevia?

  12. Carolyn Lindenmuth says:

    Could you post the brownie recipe that you mentioned in this video using
    stevia? Thanks!

  13. anita ogundimu says:

    Can large batch be made and frozen like cookie dough so to cut from frozen
    if U know what I mean??

  14. Vinny Miletti says:

    Is there any way that I can do this without the butter? Maybe with
    unsweetened apple sauce or just perhaps some unsweetened almond milk? My
    wife is a competitive NPC Bikini Model and I need something that is less
    calorie dense in order for her to enjoy this. 

  15. Lina Dani says:

    Can you use Coconut oil instead of the butter? 

  16. Biblereader12 says:

    These cookies are AMAZING! I used 1/3 C honey. That is all I had on hand
    and they still were moist and delicious. Thanks for the recipe! Please keep
    the videos coming : ) 

  17. Desiree Tan says:

    sorry may i know 21/2 cup of Almond flour is how many gm. Im using digital
    desiree tan

  18. Ronald Krokovich says:

    I loved them so much. I need to make them smaller Bc the whole recipe only
    made me 15 cookies

  19. tangobart says:

    My kind’a women !

  20. Kris W says:

    do you freeze your xanthan gum or just store in cabinet

    thank you

  21. Ronald Krokovich says:

    Great video. Going to make my first batch tonight. Do you use 1/4 cup of
    vanilla because that’s what it looks like. 

  22. marita1977 says:

    I like your apron!!! :-) 

  23. Barbara Dixon says:

    Hello, do you think using an avocado could replace the butter in the

  24. seatempo2 says:

    I just made these with a couple of tweeks. As I did not have enough almond
    meal, I used 1C. coconut flour and 1C. almond meal. Added an extra egg
    white, added 1/4 C. coconut milk, as coconut flour absorbs so much moisture.
    I did not have powdered stevia so I added 6 drops liquid stevia… was not
    enough sweetness. Next time I will use coconut sugar, Maybe 1/4 C. (Melt in
    with butter or coconut oil) you could also use avocado oil. Used 1/2 C
    chopped almonds for lack of walnuts. Very good.

  25. BlackasBeauty1 says:

    just made this, and its absolutely amazing!!!!!!! had to substitute the
    stevia for maple syrup.I am so happy i finally have a cookie recipe.
    Thank’s for sharing. 

  26. Alex alex says:

    They look great but they are not low carbs haha for me this is high , high
    and high carbs cookie haha

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