EASTER COOKIES! Cooking with Tilly!!!!

HAPPY HOPPY EASTER!!!!! Just for abit of a change I wanted to through in a cooking video for you all!:) I hope you enjoy and have an amazing eas…

Sweet Dani B's Easter Diorama Cookie How-To

Sweet Dani B demonstrates how to make a beautiful Easter diorama cookie using her fluted egg and mini animal cookie cutters… http://sweetdanib.com.

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  1. sama salman says:

    Can we eat unbaked egg white

  2. tillylovescraft says:

    Thanks your too kind xx.

  3. JonasBroDemiSelFan55 says:

    No offencr u have man hands xD

  4. JustBre97 says:

    Can You Give Raw Egg Yolks To Dogs?

  5. Kawaiichickin says:

    These are so cute it’s not Easter but im going to make them anyway haha:D<3

  6. TheHotjumbo1 says:

    Heyyy you should do a face reveal video!!!!!!!! Thumbs up so that she can seeeeee thissssss

  7. sweetnessoverloaddd says:

    they are soooo prettyyy ^^

  8. cutecolourfulcrafts says:

    U are soooo talented and amazing at EVERYTHING u do !!! So adorable

  9. rubyfire1 says:

    I love your channel so much! Awesome videos, Tilly! :)

  10. Crafty4ever says:

    I swear, someday while I’m watching one of your cooking videos, I’ll probably lick the screen. -.-
    LOL You make me so hungry! :D

  11. LoveSweetPetites says:

    ‘wave, wave, wave’
    then POW
    attack of the kitchen supplies!!!! :D

  12. tillylovescraft says:

    Thankyou very much! I hope you enjoyed, and thankyou for your support! xxxx

  13. craftydogsarecool says:

    LOVE THEM i’m gonna make it to i think one word LOVELY and lilly is so CUTE!!!!:D

  14. ToadersBling says:

    Tilly I was wondering what “Editing Program” you use? Please answer:) Awesome vid By the way!!

  15. sweetdanibTV says:

    Thank you and thanks for joining the cookie fun! We sell our Expert Icing Bottle kit on our website and it contains a recipe card with our royal icing recipe. Working on some new videos as we speak- stay tuned! Xo

  16. TheNaylababy says:

    Those are amazing cookies.. Such a cute idea and kids will love them.. Could you please let me know cause I am new to your channel, your icing recipe and how I can get those bottles to put it in. Such a great idea.. Please make more Easter videos or any cookie videos you have such great ideas. So happy I found you!

  17. sweetdanibTV says:

    Hi Judy, I love Americolor !(they have a starter color set) and also use Chefmaster gels. I use Wilton sometimes but not as often. Happy icing! Xo

  18. Judy George says:

    Love your cookies which brand color do you use e.g. Americoloir or Wilton also which cutters a set as I need to purchase

  19. SweetDreams1430 says:

    would you please write the recipe of royal icing for me as i’m living in saudi arabia and these bottles are not available where I live, thanks

  20. SweetDreams1430 says:

    wow, dani you are very talented and creative person, i admire your work, well done, would you please tell me how long can i keep the royal icing in the bottles, and is it in the fridge or outside? also do you use different thinkness of icing for the outlining and filling? how can i manage my consistancy of royal icing, thanks a lot

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