Easter Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cookies

Finding a unique treat for Easter other than the conventional chocolate eggs and bunnies is not obvious, but Mary shows you how to excite your kids and frien…
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  1. Foods101withDeronda says:

    Hi Mary…very creative…ty for sharing!! I subscribed…hope you check out my channel and do the same. CHEERS!!! -Deronda

  2. marycooks says:

    What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing with others. Happy Easter.

  3. TheRadlike says:

    I did this and topped it off with a Peep for added effect. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. kyuutatsu says:

    Does the butterscotch blend also have peanut butter in it? and Happy Holiday to you as well hope your Easter was awesome!

  5. Jack Le Ripper says:

    Great video and I love your blouse!

  6. marycooks says:

    I, too, miss my Aunts but we are so blessed to have such fond memories. I like the butterscoth blend and will definitely try that. Happy Holiday and enjoy!

  7. kyuutatsu says:

    My aunt Coree used to make these but I believe she just used butterscotch and peanut butter. She use to give us kids a bag of ‘em when we came down to visit, oh I miss her so.

  8. marycooks says:

    Great idea. Thanks for commenting.

  9. saddface3 says:

    Fantastic Idea, but I replaced the Chow Mein noodles with some small pretzel sticks I had broken up, tastes great and the kids loved em. Thank You!

  10. marycooks says:

    Great idea! I think your suggestion could also make a nice centerpiece arrangement for the table. Happy Easter!

  11. A. Alicki says:

    Hi Mary nice recipe.? I was thinking you can make them a little bigger,? & put on some of those PEET Marshmallow Chicks & then surround them with the jelly beans,? or chocolate eggs etc.? how is that for an idea.?

  12. karina0said says:

    Cute idea! Love it

  13. Anne Baron says:

    I think these would taste better with pretzel sticks.

  14. marycooks says:

    Great suggestions. Thanks for commenting.

  15. queenstarsha . says:

    If people don’t like jelly beans, I’ve seen these done w/malted milk eggs or candy coated chocolate eggs


    that is really creative…thumbs up!!

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