EA Press Conference (Full) – E3 2014

EA unveils Star Wars Battlefront, Mirrors Edge, Dragons Age Inquisition, Battlefield Hardline and more at their E3 2014 press conference. Visit all of our ch…
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http://www.MMAWeekly.com/ — Ronda Rousey talks to the press at the post-fight press conference after her quick finish over Alexis Davis in a title fight to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Gibbontake says:

    that one shrieking lady…

  2. redcat608 says:

    Just a bit off topic here, bust does anyone remember how bad the
    Playstation-2 and Xbox version of Star Wars Battlefront was? Ea has been
    making bad games for a long time–and by bad, I mean unplayable. These
    console versions would crash at the games home screen, lag intensively
    online, and earned scores as low as 1!


    No baseball game and an exclusive beta for PS4 and PC only=fail for EA

    cant believe I keep supporting this company, what a let down from

  4. Bruno Bittencourt says:

    subscribe to me for no reason?

  5. Rā's Al Ghūl says:

    post sony conference. and make it hd

  6. CReaper210 says:

    Wow, people give Call of Duty crap for looking the same…
    Look at the next Battlefield. If I wasn’t aware that this was a new game
    coming out, I would just assume that Hardline is some kind of $15 expansion
    to Battlefield 4.

  7. MasterNintendo89 says:

    I only came for NHL 15 :/

  8. Karla says:

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  9. RayneR says:

    Is it me or 90% of the Conference was some Sports games!? …

    Does anyone even play those anymore?

  10. Deeeeeric says:

    Spent a year on Fifa 15 just to implement some emotions and a fucking
    moving corner flag? gg.

  11. Joshcoshbagosh says:

    This whole conference was really dissapointing.

  12. rayraxx1 says:

    Fucking greedy sons of bitches. Haven’t bought an EA published game ever
    since Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Mass Effect 3. They won’t get another
    dime of my money. I’m done with their bullshit.

  13. Mout M. says:

    Gameplay of DA:Inquisition looks like Dragon’s Dogma battle system.

  14. Koray Kocak says:

    The only 4 games I’m getting from this is Mass Effect 4, Mirrors Edge 2,
    Sims 4 and Battlefield Hardline

  15. reznet2 says:

    Does anyone else think Battlefield Hardline looks like total BS? There is
    no way ANY robbery would look like that. Might as well call it a
    battlefield DLC with cop and robber skins. There is no need to make this
    into a whole new title

  16. TheDashingProduction says:

    A commitment a commitment. Put all that into your love life then you’d have
    no trouble. Nope but into gaming! Lol.

  17. XGamer [BiH] says:

    I can’t wait for The Sims 3 :D 

  18. Bubbles says:

    Dying of laughter??? Oh great all mine are going to die lol

  19. SoNGY8888 says:

    “sports sports sports…” i just can’t get this out of my head when i hear
    his voice.

  20. RwYeAsNt says:

    “The Battlefield Hardline Beta is LIVE!!!” *BOOM* …. Me: Cool. What
    should I watch next on YouTube?

    I feel like they were talking like Battlefield Hardline was extremely hyped
    and people would go nuts. Am I the only one that doesn’t really care?

  21. Roderick Gadellaa says:

    *E3 2014: Let’s start off with EA*

    Since I’ve heard it’s a bit disappointing, I thought I’d start with this
    one so it only gets better. I do look forward to Dragon Age 3 and the new
    Mass Effect :) 

  22. WolfCloak says:

    Glad EA have changed the FIFA crowd, in FIFA 14 they were only like 5

  23. Therainman says:

    Ronda and Chris are going to start dating I can see it

  24. Lewis Gilmore says:

    My right ear enjoyed this very much.

  25. Free Reign Network says:

    Just Imagine how Gigantic UFC would be right now if Fighters lived up to
    their Rep like if Brock Lesnar never lost the belt and went through his
    opponents like Rousey or if Overeem wasn’t a fraud and Lesner didnt give up
    UFC we’d be seeing Lesnar/Overeem 2 or 3 by now or if Evans didn’t chicken
    out of fighting Cormier or if Kimbo wasn’t a one hit wonder. Just how
    Massively popular if these fighters were the real deal. Just seems like
    Velasquez doesn’t fight enough and JDS has nobody else to fight.

  26. Abrokensword says:

    Its the mentality that she has that leads to greatness no matter how grand
    the compliment she responds “i still need to improve” and you can tell shes
    deadly fucking serious too.

  27. Rik KZ says:

    Women must not fight.

  28. David Ramirez says:


    We need to hurry up and find alien life to prove she’s the baddest in the

    TEAM ROUSEY woot woot!

  29. ant war says:

    I’m really disappointed in myself. I really disliked Ronda Rousey—two
    months ago but now I’ll admit…I like her. She’ll never lose.

  30. coolsoccer1234 says:

    Why is this shit so quiet and all of the fucking static over the audio

  31. SuperMavs123 says:

    Blow job penn

  32. Zorroborro says:

    the guy to the left cant stop staring at those ears lol

  33. Mr24NOFX says:

    I hate her laugh I hate people that laugh at shit they say

  34. Art vandaley says:

    What an ugly pig Ronda is.

  35. SAsHa Fierce says:

    She deserved the win !!! She works harrrd 

  36. fassmacetj jan says:

    I just love you to bits ronda,what a champion.16 seconds,thats all it
    took.unbelievable.who’s next.

  37. Roxanne Macneil says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE RONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a kick ass!!!!!! 16
    seconds unbelievable

  38. Bojan Acimov says:

    Super fight Ronda Rousey vs T.J. Dillashaw xD …
    To be honest i think she could take him

  39. Justin Gause says:

    Ronda Rousey rocks it and I’ll always be a big fan because she is a true
    Martial Artist!

  40. Ken McColloch says:

    Is it my computer or is the volume not working on this video?

  41. Cj62001 says:

    She is an Amazing athlete ! Anyone that talks shit about her is a drop

  42. Nicoya Nahualt says:

    Ronda Rousey is constantly improving that takes hard work and talent. Her
    Judo combines with the striking has become more like old time Japanese
    Samurai Jujutsu. Her timing is incredible, That Hane Goshi she use on Davis
    was timed perfectly. All that taking that the guy from CSA did about Davis
    demolishing Rousey is laughable now. I would get out of the business and
    would not advertise my gym with a fighter that gets dominated in 16

  43. peter rogers says:

    all i have to say is key board warriors, respect to ronda.

  44. dan Crabtree says:

    Every guy on here talking shit about her knows that they wouldn’t say that
    shit to her face cuz they she can whoop their ass

  45. John Doe says:

    Lost all respect for Rhonda her last fight…not only did it go 2+ rounds
    but disrespected the other fighter and she seems to be showing her true
    arrogant side.

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