Double Ginger Cookies

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  1. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    You most welcome!

  2. enidblytonisque says:

    thanks a million!

  3. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes. You can use melted jaggery!

  4. enidblytonisque says:

    Thanks for the reply. Could I use melted jaggery instead. I would appreciate a reply…i have just bought a new oven :) and Im thinking this one’s going to be the recipe Im going to be trying out first

  5. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Molasses is liquid jaggery. Alternatively, you can use other syrups such as maple syrup.

  6. enidblytonisque says:

    Hi Bhavna, ur recipe looks delicious and i want to try it. But im very new to baking, could u please guide me…what are molasses, by what name would it be available in the supermarket. Exactly what should I be looking for? Thanks

  7. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thanx for blessings!

  8. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    You most welcome..keep making and enjoyin!

  9. LoveEmpress5 says:

    Greetings Bhavna! I am humbly happy to have been an inspiration and look forward to the peanut butter cookie post. You are a Divine Being. Heavenly Sweet. May the Most High Bless You and your Family every moment.

  10. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    I haven’t posted peanut butter cookie yet but again, you made me to make those cookies next time. My son loves peanut butter so he always ask me to make something out of it!

  11. LoveEmpress5 says:

    Oh yes! I gave some of the cookies, still warm to a friend, told her the receipe came from you, and all she kept saying was “mmmmm, mmmm, umph, these are really good! She also said the cookies were perfect as well and just kept looking at them as she ate them! Beautiful. Made me happy too.
    Do you have a receipe for eggless peanut butter cookies? I would Double Love that!

  12. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Very glad to hear this. You made me to get into kitchen and make some for myself!

  13. LoveEmpress5 says:

    Greetings Bhavna, I just made your Double Ginger Cookies! Wheooo Hooo! They are scrum~ditilly~ompous! They came out perfect just as you said. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! I even added a bit more ginger because I love it so. Can’t wait to make your Crystalized/Candied Ginger! Bless you and Your Family

  14. SuperVeggieDelight says:


  15. peacenikkie says:

    I’m going to get the ingredients and make some and deliver them to my son for his Birthday!! Thank you! These look perfect! ~0;-D

  16. Antisonnets says:



    Brown sugar has molasses as well, so it helps your cookies get more moist. It’s advisable to mix in some maple syrup or honey if you are using white sugar instead of brown. Ochef dot com says add 4 teaspoons of maple syrup for 1 cup of white sugar.

  17. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    yes, baking these cookies are really fun. Everyone will love aromatic cookies for sure right from the oven…enjoy!

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