Does this recipe sound like it would taste good?

Question by Hi: Does this recipe sound like it would taste good?
So I’ve been making recipes off the bat… does this healthy cookie recipe sound good?
Oatmeal, boiled brown wild rice, tofu, peaches, mango- all organic
blend the tofu, peaches, and mango(using a blender)
add it to the oatmeal and boiled brown rice
let it sit in the oven until it ?hardens?

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Answer by beadlz
i’m sorry, but i dont think it sounds good at all…especially putting the tofu in it.

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  1. Tyrell Miller says:

    This recipe actually sounds very good. Personally, I would try a batch without the tofu and one with it. But I believe either way will taste good

  2. The Dez Pirate says:

    That would be very bland. The reason most baking recipes call for salt is because it brings out the flavor of the ingredients. You should add at least 1tsp. Also, I have no clue how your cookie is staying together. is the blended mix supposed to bind all those things together? I feel like it would just fall apart. I have no experience cooking with tofu, so I’m not sure its binding properties. You do mean silky tofu right?

    And, it does sound kind of gross to me, tbh. I wouldn’t let it sit in the oven until it hardens. That sounds like it will be like a dog treat more than a people treat. (and really, your dog could eat that. They are omnivores too.)

  3. Crazy Horse says:

    you should look into chewy granola and try that instead. it does sound more of a biscotti hard cookie than a wheat flour type cookie. There is no sweetner, like honey or binder like eggs and tofu (even silken) doesn’t make for a binder. If you omit the rice, it sounds like a smoothie with oatmeal and even oatmeal needs more liquid to form correctly. Seriously, look into more of a granola type recipe before trying this as it sounds like there should be more to it.

  4. Happiest in the kitchen. says:

    No and that would not be a cookie it would bake into a brick. Just leaving it in the “oven till it hardens” does not make Anything sound good.

    You need levening agents to mule the cookies puff or rise even it is just a bit.

    Also you need somehting else for a sweetener. It doesn’t have to be plain sugar. Honey, molasses, agave etc…

  5. Kym the man says:

    Sounds healthy but a lot of roughage..Add raisins and nuts.

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