Does anyone know a recipe for frosting for a dog cookie?

Question by loudmouth92592: Does anyone know a recipe for frosting for a dog cookie?
I need the recipe of a dog friendly frosting/icing that could be used to decorate dog cookies. However, I also need it to harden, similar to the way royal icing hardens on regular cookies. Could someone please help me?

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Answer by grumpy girl
i do not how it hardens, but melted carob is what i have seen used in shops.

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  1. Tessie says:

    hope this helps…

    5 min 5 min prep
    Change to: cup US Metric
    6 ounces fruit baby food
    2 tablespoons smooth peanut butter
    1/3 cup plain yogurt
    1/4 cup wheat germ
    1 tablespoon beef bouillon granules

    < 15 mins
    Non-Food Products
    place baby food fruit (any flavor) and peanut butter in small bowl — blend well.
    add remaining ingredients and mix well.
    use as a frosting or a dip for dog treats.
    spread on the dog treat immediately before serving —
    store frosting in the refrigerator.

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