Does anyone else find that sugar alcohol causes the runs or diaherra?

Question by Dr. Jeffrey: Does anyone else find that sugar alcohol causes the runs or diaherra?
So a couple days ago I ate 8 sugar free cookies. Each cookie contains 4grams of sugar alcohol (a total of 32 grams). So since, I have not been able to stop the runs. At first, I thought I had a virus (especially since it is cold outside), but after putting two and two together, I remembered the cookies, which contain Sorbitol and Maltitol.

Can anyone give me their feedback and tell me if this is likely my problem?

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  1. CDRN says:

    definitely the cookies……….I can’t eat anything with sugar alcohol either!!

  2. Barcode says:

    I cannot eat sugar free cookies or sugar free candies because of the Maltilol.
    Laxative Effect
    Maltitol can act as a laxative if too much of it is is ingested. This means that maltitol has the potential to cause moderate to severe diarrhea, gas, and bloating. To avoid these unpleasant side effects, limit the amount of products you consume each day that contain maltitol. The laxative-like effects of maltitol will stop when it has been completely excreted from your body.
    Ingesting too much maltitol can cause nausea to develop in some people. The nausea should subside after the body has completely metabolized the maltitol. The body should gradually gain a tolerance to maltitol, especially if it is used successively for three to four days. If you develop nausea from eating or drinking products that contain maltitol, you should look for products which contain a different artificial sweetener, or products with natural sugar.

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