Do u like hershey candy bars?

Question by ♥ Nicoya ♥: Do u like hershey candy bars?
i love them i like the white bars

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Answer by BlueSea
Yes, with almonds.

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  1. jazmine m says:

    i love the cookies and cream ones they are so good!
    also the ones with almonds!

  2. fwalker says:

    oh yes and I even to Hershey Park in Hershey, PA and went through their tour and at the end they give you free chocolates.

  3. Minnie Mouse says:

    Yes I love Hershey’s!!!!!!!!!

  4. =) smile24-7 (= says:

    yes!!! who doesn’t. any different way, with anyhing in them, they just melt in my mouth and i feel like i am in heaven. hersey chocolate is one craving that when i have it, i HAVE to get some immediately. yey!!!

  5. Emperor D.My chess. says:

    Yes I like it, but just a little bite.

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