Do I really need to use an entire cup of butter for peanut butter cookies?

Question by Ann: Do I really need to use an entire cup of butter for peanut butter cookies?
I am going to make peanut butter cookies. The receipe that I am going to use asks for 1 cup of butter. Can I get away with only using half a cup of butter? Or should I use the entire cup?

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Answer by Brownies!!
I would look up more recipes and find one that calls for less. I don’t like to use more than one stick of butter, I feel like I’m wasting butter if I use more lol.

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  1. Merv says:

    reducing the amount and adding a small amount of good quality olive oil will satisfy the requirement, or if necessary use only olive oil, not a full cup, it may require some experimenting. my wife is very health conscious and does this sort of thing to recipies all the time.

  2. anjali23 says:

    If you leave that much of the butter out your cookies will be dry and crumbly. I have found that cooking is art and you can adjust ingredients as you like but baking is science and you really should measure correctly and follow the recipe.

  3. Butter Cup says:

    Follow the recipe.

  4. TexasRose says:

    *You will never learn to cook unless you learn to follow recipes. The ingredients are in the amounts for a reason.

    Olive oil is not for baking sweets! That is for cooking meats and such.

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