DIY Xyron Candy Bouquet

This Candy Bouquet is perfect for anyone! Kids of all ages, bosses, co-workers will all appreciate this cute gift made of their favorite candies! In just a f…
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Perfect time for a Candy Bouquet! Very easy and very cheap. Most everything was bought at the 99 cent store or dollar store!

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  1. sammycakes316 says:

    i love this idea

  2. Bekah Tindall says:

    inexpensive, huh? what about the make-a-sticker thing you used and other EXPENSIVE supplies that almost nobody has? this is the most expensive version ive seen. just tape on sticks gees

  3. chynaeyez69 says:

    I loooove this…

  4. xyroncorp says:

    Thanks so much Belen!

  5. Belen Ostolasa says:

    I Absolutely Love This.. THANK YOU!

  6. rcfvva says:


  7. ines nieves says:

    Thanks good idea

  8. felixvelazquez32 says:



  9. amandamead81 says:

    Thanks for the how to. I’m making one for our local water company, to thank them for yrs of outstanding service :)

  10. ruqzable says:

    yaar this great

  11. Sweetness4713 says:

    I would tie a wide ribbon around the 4 boxes to hold them closed as well.. A big birthday ribbon..

  12. mysterylady85018 says:

    I made this and used a glue gun on the LOW setting

  13. Lizbet Gonzalez says:

    so what can we use if we dont have the machine to make that sticker on the bottom you made.

  14. Stephanie Latortue says:

    I used Popsicle sticks

  15. only1lettypooh says:

    dont get the tape glider just get the double sided permanent tape works better

  16. only1lettypooh says:

    Well I still bought the machine its only $25.00 but with michaels weekly ad of 50% off I got it for half the price. goodluck!

  17. only1lettypooh says:

    yes I got the 2 sided permanent tape and it works great!!! good luck I made 2 candy bouquets I love them

  18. jayda london says:

    will double sided tap work just as well, for the back of the candy flap?

  19. only1lettypooh says:

    everything here I got at michaels craft stores. 50% use the weekly coupon ads online to go to store. get the candy at the dollar tree. good luck

  20. xokally danh says:

    what can you use instead of the sticky thing at the bottom?

  21. rosagomez816 says:

    Wow thank you so much!! Im about to go buy all the things I need for this.

  22. Esmeralda Velis Esmeralda Velis says:

    Me encanto

  23. milkywayxx1 says:

    I’m definitely going to try this!

  24. Monique downinmn says:

    Awww….she is going to love it!

  25. DCxx84 says:

    The kids convo is funny lol

  26. yosdany pelegrin says:

    I’m gonna do it for my daughter’s sweet 16. Since her theme is Candy.

  27. prettycountrygal says:

    Love this! ♥

  28. Anika Miles says:

    That was so cool

  29. Monique downinmn says:

    Cool! They’re really easy to make and a perfect graduation gift.

  30. Ila Marlena says:

    Boutta try to make one for graduation

  31. Monique downinmn says:

    Thank you for watching my bouquet video! I love listening back to my kids in the background – its so sweet.

  32. Monique downinmn says:

    Thank you!

  33. Icebreakers86 says:

    Looks great!

  34. pixalotal says:

    Hahaha love the vid but yes the kids are great and I love your mothering style m hmm it’s a fish to eat hahaha

  35. mkswhoohooo says:

    I wanna make one but its for my best friends birthday and I just want to make one but I don’t want to spend a lot of money either

  36. samantha cassels says:

    apparently im not as smart as the video . lol

  37. samantha cassels says:

    the vidoe is good , very smart ideas but the kids are the best part lol they are too funny . very cute

  38. Monique downinmn says:

    Thank you. I’m glad you liked the candy bouquet video. I still love listening to my kids in the background. I’m trying to enjoy these days because they are growing so fast!

  39. frmoak2atl says:

    Thanks for the creative ideas. Also thanks for your sons. Hearing them reminded me of my sons when they were small. You seem to be a very good Mom!

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