DIY Christmas Gingerbread Biscuits | Zoella

DIY Christmas Gingerbread Biscuits Thumbs up if you enjoyed it vlogs every day up until Christmas: Ingredients: 75g light brown…
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  1. Dana Sadaqa says:

    OMG they look so tastyyy x

  2. Ash B says:

    “dont go sticking your fingers into them really hard…you will ruin them”

  3. elisha loo says:

    follow me on instagram I am myiphonesallyloo

  4. angharad llion says:


  5. Katie Wakefield says:

    I have those measuring cups! :) 

  6. Lara W says:

    plz do more of these!! can u do a cake of your choice or something???? x

  7. Beautystyle14 says:

    These are so cute!! I love them! :D 

  8. sara ashley says:

    I dont understand how every thing she makes turns out perfect. I tryto make
    something and youll be having nightmares

  9. Mathilde Dahl says:


  10. Kaelin Gilbert says:

    Zoe, your DIYs are absolutely amazing I love them

  11. Lala grace says:

    In my recipe when u put the brown sugar,golden syrup ect.. I put butter

  12. Shafiq Ahmed says:

    That is so cute

  13. luke burr says:

    your accent created an unintentional pun! “dough roll it too thin”. I love
    you so much!

  14. Laura Ema says:

    I am making these tomorrow morning

  15. PixelSassy TinyTelevision says:

    I would love you to make these DIY videos every week so a different thing
    every week PLZZZZZ xxxxx

  16. Jessica Potter says:

    You are my biggest inspiration Zoe

  17. Zoe Branch says:

    And Zoe, if you add more flour under the dough when rolling, the dough
    should stay inside the cutter when you lift the cookie, making it easier to
    cut cookies like that fawn one :) 

  18. Sela Lin says:

    using grams looks really hard. idk how people do it. i mean bring a weight
    measurement everywhere in the kitchen. us americans just have cups.

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