DIY: Cake Batter Cookies – 12 Days Of Christmas (day 3)

DIY: Cake Batter Cookies - 12 Days Of Christmas (day 3)

Try it out! they are SOOO good! Michael said they were the best cookies he has ever eaten! Send me mail and have it featured in a video! Jessica Joaquin PO B…

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  1. Pan Ruby says:

    This is awesome mannnn

  2. Eve Soria says:

    loving the food/recipe videos!!

  3. july234me says:

    Just made these. They turned out great! I did use baking soda as well, and they still formed. Also, working on a 3 dollar budget, I used funfetti cake mix instead of sprinkles. They we stil colorful, but not as colorful. These cookies are definitely super sweet, and it’s hard to eat more than one, but it’s great for little kids who love sweets!

  4. Emily Teabo says:

    You said half a cup of vinilla

  5. eequalsmcdonald says:

    Adorable kids

  6. Adia bouley says:

    We made this for a birthday party instead of plain ol traditional cake

  7. CallUsGiraffe says:

    can you use confetti cake mix? 

  8. BellaTheCatsLife says:

    I made these earlier! Except without any chocolate chips cause we didn’t have any. o.o They were still delicious! c: I also had to cook mine for about nineteen-twenty minutes rather than nine.

  9. Jillian Johnson says:

    I made these today and they are sssoooooo good! I used chocolate chips instead of white chocolate chips but it still tasted great! Thanks for the video :)

  10. fullyxalive1800 says:

    I made these today! They were really great!

  11. Heather Marie says:

    Im making this tomorrow. Lol

  12. sheilaechano211931 says:

    can i use an electric oven? and a toaster oven? :D answer pls. :*

  13. Sharipa Fazli says:

    Do you think I could use a toaster oven?

  14. GiGi Rox says:

    I’m totally making these they are adorable and look tasty from the look of your beautiful little test taster. Ooo I wonder what they would be like with chocolate cake mix and peanut butter chips. I can’t wait to play with this recipe, thanks Jess <3

  15. clista shamley says:

    she probably just used the parchment paper for easier clean up make sure you spray on some cooking spray if you dont use parchment paper.

  16. clista shamley says:

    i have a similar recipe it takes 1 box of any flavor cake mix half a container of cool whip and one egg. mix them together and then using powdered sugar roll them into balls and bake 350 for 12 mins i think. they are so yummy but very messy to make. my fave flavor cake mix to use is strawberry and then yellow. love the vid thanks

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