Did George W Bush ruin American foreign relationships around the world?

Question by Cheech: Did George W Bush ruin American foreign relationships around the world?
Or was he pretty good at foreign relationships?

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Answer by Shirley P.
He was pretty good, you can’t have relations with a muslim country no matter how hard you try…

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  1. DM says:

    Absolute nightmare regarding foreign relationships. He was very bad for the USA.

  2. Karl Hungus says:


  3. lockesmith says:

    He ruined America’s reputation in most of the world. Therefore, he ruined our ability to have foreign relationships.

  4. Fjurg says:

    I lived in Europe during part of his tenure. He was LOATHED.

  5. gyt says:

    No, he did not ruin foreign relationships around the world. We actually had better relations with England, France and Germany when Bush was in office. We also had better relations with Israel and Pakistan under Bush.

    Obama is a joke when it comes to foreign relations.

  6. Mix Bee says:

    It was because of him that so many people around the world hate us.

  7. Stimey says:

    Yes Bush ruined foreign relationships around the world and President Obama is doing his best to repair them.

  8. molly says:

    Pretty much Aussies are pretty easy going but he really pissed a lot of us off with his You are either with us or against us BS.

  9. Tommy L says:

    Bush wasne’t the best but far from the worst. Lets see here Obama has insulted England, manage to throw Isreal under the bus. And all though he was a tyrant he was still a US ally in the region he threw Mubarac under the bus, now coming soon to Egypt a theocracy that mirrors Iran in pretty much every way. From brtuallity of women, to hatred of Jews and America.

    I would say Obama has been a nightmare on foreign polcy. While Bush was in office we saw several european countries and canada more conservative and firendly to the USA goverments.

  10. Cranky Lib says:

    he tried, it was during his administration that Congress forced the House cafeteria to change the name of French fries to Freedom Fries, after France refused to sanction an UN resolution to invade Iraq

  11. Bob H says:

    Well, he does have a few warrants out for his drunk a## around the world; places he absolutely can’t go. Could be that many countries considered the famous “Bush Doctrine” just a smidge pushy.

  12. JohnYellowHand says:

    Not really but this half baked white boy in the oval office now is taking one hell of a run
    at it.

  13. Riley says:

    All of us American expats can tell you, our global reputations turned it into mud, and it’s still very fragile. Americans in the US have no idea what it was like for us Americans overseas, if they really want too. I welcome anyone who thought Bush was well liked, to walk down my street wearing, a I love George Bush tee shirt, holding a US flag chanting USA USA. It would be the last thing they did walking this earth.

    We were all seen as scum, and spat at, called Americ**nt’s, terrorists, warmonger, murders, oil thieves. Had bricks, rocks, Molotov cocktails or people shoot at our house, and vandalized by anti Bush or American graffiti, red paint etc. We were constantly being verbally abused, physically bashed several times, or even murdered like a kid at my school was, because he was an American. Imagine putting that (bleep) everyday, since you were thirteen, all through high school and even at university like I did. Not just me thousands other Americans also did, living, working and studying overseas, just because of Bush.

    As Bush repeatably lied and said all Americans were protected under his watch, yeah pig’s fly too. We couldn’t hang our US flags or wear anything with it on it and were told by the US consulate to lie and say we were Canadians. Pretty hard when everyone at school already knew you and other students at school were American. People were taking there kids out of schools we attended, and our friends parents told us to not to hang around there kids. Like we had AIDS or some other life threatening disease. It’s something we can’t forget very easily being treated as leapers, and hated just because we were Americans.

    We had to disband all expat activity’s, social clubs, functions, picnics, sport groups being easy targets for people to take out there anti Bush hatred. Unlike in the USA, Bush’s imaginary war of terror and invisible weapons of mass destruction was on TV 24/7. There is no FCC nor any digital covering or verbal bleeps on TV outside the USA, it all 100% totally uncut so we seen everything, it was like watching 9/11 repeated live everyday for eight years.

    Foreign consumers all over the world embargoed and stopped buying any made in USA exports in protest to not monetarily fund his wars. They closed down McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Mrs Fields cookie’s, Hungry Jacks etc nobody was buying from them, or were dumping red paint, writing anti Bush graffiti all over them. Just like they did to all US business’s or our houses, cars or even on us. Red oil based paint dumped on you is hard to get off, also having to clean it off your car, stairs to your house, or murder graffiti sprayed off your garage, or worried a brick was going to fly into your window when your asleep.

    They never shown in the USA there massive global anti Bush protest in countries all over the world, imagine being in a packed sports bar when his lying warmongering rat face came on television, the mood changed very quickly everyone in the bar went totally aggro and threw drinks at the screen or smashed TV’s with there fists. When he ranted and lied that the world outside the USA, was an evil place, and a danger to the USA. Everyone wanted to rip him apart with there bare hands, that’s why our global reputation is mud.

    You guys in the US don’t know all vet’s coffins sent back to the US from Iraq were empty, just for show. They only buried which one could be a lawsuit. Bush, Cheney and those other crooks, were dumping all the others into landfill, yet he still walks free.

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