Demystifying the Fortune Cookie

Did you know fortune cookies aren’t Chinese? GMM #527! Good Mythical MORE: SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: ***…
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Emmy Eats China - tasting Chinese sweets

Sampling a bit of the China, including some Mid-Autumn Festival treats, dried fruits, and oolong tea cookies on this episode of Emmy Eats China on Emmymade i…

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  1. FunLovingPotato says:

    9:59 Grammar police here, we’ve got a double R in the You’re, requesting
    backup. I repeat, a double R emergency!

  2. ZeroTicciToby says:

    That thumbnail looks like…. Uh…

  3. JustJump122 says:

    Wouldn’t it hurt if you sneezed and farted at the same time? What would
    that be called?

  4. agLover743 says:

    I’m turning 12 yay

  5. Potato Messiah says:


  6. Ryan O'Donnell says:

    When I saw the title picture, a dirty thought flashed through my head. I
    dont know why I am telling you this…

  7. Pragalva Pandey says:

    Watching GMM at 9:30 PM, im such a gangster.

  8. clairerocksyeah says:

    I have to go to school after I watch this :( 

  9. I Am Batman 0 says:

    One time I got a cookie. Yeah no fortune just cookie.

  10. Peter Nguyen says:

    Why Americans think its Chinese because their RACIST

  11. DrPlayzMC says:

    XD ur wrong we have fortune cookies in Canada too

  12. Jakecantype says:

    I once got a cookie that said “your fortune is in another cookie.”

  13. Rhett & Link says:

    Today, #GMM is ALL about fortune cookies! You will enjoy it.

  14. ApatheticEuphoria says:

    Open fortune cookie. It says “That wasn’t chicken” … FML.

  15. Pierce Whitney says:

    Snarting is never a cause for celebration. That hurts so bad.

  16. brontome says:

    I got a fortune saying i was going to cross great waters. The next year i
    got a mission call to norway, i live in california

  17. TheNinjaBeesTwo Jordan says:

    Watching dis at 10:34 IM A REBEL

  18. Christopher Villegas says:

    When I was in fourth grade, I got a fortune cookie that said”You or a close
    friend will be married in in a year.” no one I know has gotten married
    since then.

  19. ChenBritMi says:

    Here in Hong Kong, Chinese meals never come with fortune cookies…

  20. Carlos E. says:

    I just lost The Game.

  21. Diean Osis says:

    F-F-F-FALSE Rhett and link!

    Fortune cookies are an american creation, not japanese.

  22. nman327 says:

    Rhett and link mints or gum

  23. marty lake says:

    Hi emmy..looovvee your snack tasting videos…btw..any hawaii snacks
    video??..slso did you try sny made in japan them round senbei ric
    snacks??..forewsrd me any videos of any of these i mentioned..hugs..aloha

  24. Deanna Ong says:

    yay now Im not the only one who is Chinese but can’t speak Chinese ;__; 

  25. patrina lo says:

    if your not japanese why is it called emmymadeinjapan

  26. Jamie Pé Pong says:

    i hate Mooncake becuze China now is evil! not you now, they goin to attake
    Vietnam :@

  27. Daniela Liang says:

    Are you Mandarin or Cantonese? Just wondering.

  28. Krissy Taylor says:

    Thanks Emmy for sharing. I wish we had somewhere near to try these treats
    as well. My daughter was born in China, and we adopted her when she was
    just a baby. I am sure she would love to try these. I wonder if you can get
    the in SF.

  29. Jewel Ella says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for about 2 hours now. You’re absolutely
    delightful to watch! your voice is so soothing and calm, and your reactions
    are so genuine! You are incredibly knowledgeable and you have a way with
    words and I think that’s why I find your videos addictive!
    Keep being yourself! Love from a new subscriber!

  30. Anna Lin says:

    I’m so hungry now

  31. Haley Xie says:

    i love those 2:24

  32. littlepiepie says:

    Sachima is not Cantonese, it’s actually Manchurian..

  33. Zerzer X says:

    they way you speak chinese is just so adorable ! 

  34. tomdoh345 says:

    The mystery cookies are called Kai Chai Paeng in Cantonese. This means
    little chicken biscuits. They are usually made with pork oil or small pork
    fat globs ( hence Emmy saying they had a taste of cha siu bao to them ). I
    have been told that the modern Kai Chai Paeng lack the tastiness of the one
    of people’s Hong Kong youthful experiences and some bakers even substitute
    the pork fat out. All versions of these cookies I have had are “duck beat
    may hoh” (exceptionally delicious) as the say in Cantonese and hard to
    resist only eating one or two.

  35. Valerie Faltynkova says:

    Why dont you eat something from chech republic

  36. Meep Meeperz says:

    Wait so you only speak English … But you live in japan .. Isn’t it hard ?

  37. Teresa Hutchinson says:

    the moon cake reminds me of a pork pie with a over cooked egg yolk in the

  38. w19721 says:


  39. Kanimir says:

    I think I’d love Chinese sweets, they don’t seems to be super sweet, and
    they are more like cakes than candys, I like that. 

  40. christopher leong says:

    U know,I think I just realized it but Emmy looks like a Chinese person!

  41. Ashan Rodruigez says:

    Do people actually think that you’re Japanese? You don’t look Japanese
    like… at all. :/

  42. nuttella eater says:

    Im sorry but i think that the moon cake egg yoke (idk if j wrote it
    correctly) thing in the middle, is kinda disgusting..maybe not for Chinese
    people, but for me yea.. Isnt it like eating raw egg yolk?

  43. Sarah Yassin says:

    Is this in anyway related to the ASMR trend? 

  44. macos730 says:

    I got your back. 

  45. MegaSmilee1 says:

    Oh my gosh seriously, learn to speak Chinese, it’s not that hard~ Just
    don’t think about the 3000 words you have to memorize, Japanese people only
    have like 270 words to learn.

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