Dehydrator: Apple Raisin Oatmeal Cookies using FOOD STORAGE! Gluten Free

Apple Raisin Oatmeal Cookies You will need a dehydrator! Minutes to Prepare: 10 Minutes to Cook: 5 Number of Servings: 24 Ingredients 2 cups steal cut oats 1…
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  1. Susie Q says:

    What is the name of your coffee grinder? Thanks.

  2. GlutenFree OnThePrairie says:

    Yup, I have all of those ingredients on hand – including agave & oat flour.
    Not all people with gluten sensitivities can tollerate oats though – my
    daughter (Celiac Disease)gets very sick with small amounts, so I’d have to
    limit her to 1 of these per day. I have Celiac Disease as well but I seem
    to tollerate oats better than she does…I could probably get away with
    eating 3 or 4…while my husband could eat the rest. Love that these could
    be made in a solar oven – asking for 1 for my birthday.

  3. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    My husband ate this batch in two days! That means something! They are gone!
    Winner, winner! Chicken dinner! :)

  4. Paracord Weaver says:

    Those sound healthy, bet they taste good too!

  5. Kira Baker says:

    Yum! I am going to try this! They look wonderful. Thank you so much!

  6. Pauletta Conley says:

    Can you vacuum seal these? How long would they keep?

  7. TheDenisedrake says:

    Fabulous! We will give these a try. I love how you do MOSTLY raw and use
    what you have on hand. Most raw food people I’ve seen wont compromise.

  8. HHeirloomIA says:

    Oh my! You had me at gf! (gluten free)

  9. Brownssugar2550 says:

    I can’t wait to me and my family move.I can stockpile 2x more. And at this
    location is too small for me and the family in need . Trying to get a
    bigger place . This economy have us not able to save like before. Cannot
    afford a lot of things .love ur channel:-)

  10. 1966yjd says:

    I spent a period of time recently eating a raw diet after being diagnosed
    with having gallstones. I am very interested in making these cookies. Thank
    you very much for taking the time to share this with us :)

  11. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    Not for a period of time. You would be better off freezing these!

  12. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    That would be a couple of my friends! :) I choose to live life and not
    freak out over ever GMO, BPA, Beet or cane product! Blessings

  13. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    The beauty is at least you are doing something! You are ahead of the game! :)

  14. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    You are just like my husband and son! :)

  15. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    Absolutely! Also a whole new flavor! Yummy

  16. SweetDelPrepper says:

    They look and sound yummy. As far as stevia, honey and agave goes it
    depends. Sometimes I use stevia in tea. I don’t always like honey in my tea
    depending on what type of honey it is but I found I like the agave syrup in
    my tea.

  17. HHeirloomIA says:

    Maple syrup (the real thing) would work in place of agave…yes?

  18. FitAnge S says:

    Fantastic! I love these thank you.

  19. 1guiltfree says:

    I will definitely give these a try, once I get my dehydrator. Just
    purchased my food saver and the dehydrater is nxt on my wish list. Thanks
    so much for sharing and being there to answer my questions. Your the best! :)

  20. Obsessiveprepperaz says:

    Let me know how you like them! :)

  21. Allen2045 says:

    Those look good. Im with you on the fake sweeteners. I get a migraine when
    ever I eat or drink anything with it in it. Good healthy snack food as

  22. bcnuqt says:

    Cant wait to make these… thanks for this wonderful vid

  23. vicki carol says:

    It was fun just watching you make them. Can they be cooked in a regular
    oven? Has anyone tried that yet? I would guess that they maybe to dry that
    way, but would be great toppings for pudding and ice cream and whatever.

  24. TheEqualizer64 says:

    Im glad to know about the stevia my husband is a db and he likes stevia.
    Will give these a try because we both need to eat more healthy. Gail

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