Decorating font cookies for a cookie bouquet

There aren’t many interesting font cutters out there so when creating a bouquet you might want to hand cut your letter cookies. Here I show you how I created…

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  1. Rayvetta Bryant says:

    How did you get the paper sticks not to burn in the oven. I once tried
    dampen them and the paper unrival. Is there a video post on the beginning
    stage of this creation

  2. Shelley Gabriel says:

    Hi MC, I have watched this video multiple time along with some of your
    others. I finally feel brave enough to try to use my never used 3 year old
    Kopykake. What program did you use to format your circus lettering? PS
    thanks so much for inspiring me to try something new.

  3. jcunha cunha says:

    Hui, Im Brazilian and I follow your videos.Please could you give me more
    informations about the copy cake you used as complete name of the machine,
    place to buy.thank you

  4. Montreal Confections says:

    Hi, it is called a Kopykake projector, you can buy directly from them or
    you can try to google the projector and see if you can get it from a closer

  5. Montreal Confections says:

    No I didn’t, I am a stay at home mom that needed a hobby and got obsessed
    with cookies.

  6. Stefanie Popelars says:

    hi, I love decorating cakes and have gotten very good at it. I ran across
    your page and fell in love with all the creations you have made and am now
    wanting to decorate cookies… thanks for putting up all these awesome
    videos ” )

  7. modelchickny says:

    Hello. I used your cookie dough receipe today. I baked at 350, the cookies
    were extremely dark on the back of the cookies. The front of the cookies
    were light in color. I had the dough in the fridge overnight before I bake
    them. I am a novice when it comes to baking so I am not sure what I did
    wrong. Should I adjust my oven temperature? I am really trying to learn how
    to bake cookies and would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks for thus
    video and your beautiful crookie creations.

  8. Montreal Confections says:

    Hi, Just image google circus font and you’ll get a bunch

  9. Louise Haveman says:

    The video stop at 1.56?? I can’t see the video???

  10. karameldreem says:

    All of your work is sheer perfection and outstanding you need to write a
    book and i will buy it

  11. CuteSprinkles2012 says:

    Your cookies are amazing I love watching all of your videos !! :)

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