Dan Cooking – Holiday Cookies

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  1. talktolisten says:

    did you ever find out who eat the tartus?

  2. Vincent Moreno says:

    you pronounce ocelot really white.

  3. Vincent Moreno says:

    i dint like the way you pronounce ocelot

  4. ballerina2461 says:

    So the girls used a tablespoon of baking soda and the guys used a teaspoon…

  5. MewMewLovesSushi says:

    I am now very hungry… for cookies.

  6. lailedcat says:

    Might I suggest that we seek shelter from the Apocalocelot?

  7. maritimetimes says:

    what did she want to do at the end when they high fived? what is “the house cat”?

  8. charlotte purnell says:

    no we call biskets biskets and cookies cookies yh

  9. MrSnoozable says:

    you have to make icing in order to put into in an icing bag . . .

  10. onevlogger says:

    hahah this was great :D

  11. Blaz Pecnik says:

    gabbi is hot
    megusta (* )____( *)

  12. Amiryfey says:


  13. Rowan Molloy says:

    You usually melt the butter..

  14. littleseal17 says:

    omg i have the same mixer! it shorts out so much!

  15. AAceFlapjack says:

    Saw your mom with a Colts sweater, do you live in Indiana???

  16. ilovetosing166 says:

    You are the reason I just ate a cookie :D 

  17. skumkakan says:

    obviously Who stole part of the TARDIS.

  18. CunnininnuC says:

    this is stressing me out so much

  19. Kitteh7 says:

    I watched an episode of Doctor Who RIGHT BEFORE I WATCHED THIS! O.o Is it weird that I was cracking up during this whole thing?

  20. HolywoodStarlets says:

    Hahah is it bad that I actually like Dans cookies better? :p but love the Tardis!!

  21. idontseemtohavealife says:

    You guys know michael aranda??? And Michael Aranda is friends with Charlieissocoollike!!! Such a small youtube world!

  22. kendall fisher says:

    I love Samoa and tagalongs

  23. kendall fisher says:

    I’m with Jason team Samoa and tagalong

  24. Rozemarijnable says:

    Is he actually Toby from PLL? I’m so confused.. Can’t figure it out.

  25. 2livelaughlovebeauty says:

    I agree with Jason ALL the way SAMOA AND TAGALONGS❤❤❤❤❤❤♥♥♥♥♥

  26. pinkfishieeee says:

    what place is this??

  27. ChristinexMakeup says:

    Short Breads!!

  28. turtlesaydangit says:


  29. butterfly2729 says:

    GridMonstrosities xD

  30. fireinyournewshoes says:

    where can you but lukes lofthouse brand? i cant believe he bakes! hehe

  31. bky2001 says:

    all youtubers are linked somehow! like when i saw Michel i was like its a small world after all its a small world after all its a small small world… what is my life

  32. Emily Horan says:

    Please do vlogmas this year!!! <3 :D

  33. Shelby Drago says:

    team SHORT BREAD!!!!!

  34. Jade Maffescioni says:

    What was the question she asked people for her giveaway? Xx

  35. Inês Paulo says:

    “say whaaaaat?” ahah

  36. Muki Kunnmann says:


  37. allisssooon says:

    I agree! :)

  38. Akire Essined says:

    mmmm ferrero rocherrr my favorites

  39. SashaGiovanni93 says:

    I was in girl scouts too! :D

  40. shufita says:

    michael aranda!!

  41. MandaMooMouseFooFoo says:

    I like old fashioned short bread!!!:) we rock, Ingrid!!!:)

  42. EmmaNicoleBeauty says:

    Luke’s Lofthouse Cookies (:

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