Damon Albarn Performs “Lonely Press Play”

Damon Albarn Performs “Lonely Press Play” on the AT&T Stage Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late nigh…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

WBC Welterweight World Champion and No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter Floyd “Money” Mayweather will host a press conference to formally announce his upcoming SHO…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Thrillseeker8922 says:

    A couple of weeks ago I posted here saying I found this song rather poor by
    Damon’s standards. It’s incredible how much it’s grown on me since then.
    Lovely, lovely tune.

  2. rob matchette says:

    this new album hes written is apparently about drugs porn and heroin…. I
    get the feeling this one is about porn

  3. Matt Good says:

    0:54 ‘Mini Mikes’ Keyboard Corner’ :’)

  4. Damon Albarn says:

    If you missed Damon at SXSW, here’s Lonely Press Play from the Jimmy Kimmel
    Live performance.

    Damon Albarn Performs “Lonely Press Play”

  5. JimmyKimmelLiveMusic says:
  6. Mayumi Sakurai says:

    I pressed ‘play’ again and again. ;) 

  7. Alexvr01 says:

    the song sounds nice played live

  8. wentz jin says:

    Thank you for hd version

  9. Thrillseeker8922 says:

    Everyday Robots managed to grow on me, but I think this song is rather poor
    by Damon’s standards.

  10. Hannah Spears says:

    Cause your not resolved in your heart
    your waiting for me
    to improve. Pretty great

  11. Justin Pistolese says:

    most underrated song writer

  12. yovani lopez says:

    They all play amazing together; what a performance!! I love how the guitar
    sounds live in this one!
    can i get closer to you!

  13. Johnny Showbones says:

    This is funky sexy – big fan. 

  14. Tomas Vavro says:


  15. Jon V. Thorsteinsson says:

    Damn good !!

  16. thanasis karanikas says:

    great band

  17. Daniel De Almeida says:

    This is incredible! sounds so good! waiting so bad for this album!

  18. ghettowinnebago says:

    What a gorgeous song. Great to hear it with the strings!!

  19. RunWhilstYouCan says:

    16k seats? LOL Froch vs Groves II 80k tickets sold in less than 24 hours

  20. mrslapside says:

    Maidana is like a more polished guerrero. Should be a interesting fight,
    but we all know may is way too talented for him. 

  21. Klash716 says:

    That show time boxing into is BAD ASS!

  22. Alain Javier says:

    Broner won the Maidana fight

  23. TheTorque7 says:

    AB=About to get knocked the fuck out

  24. AugReady says:

    It sounds like theres 7 people in there

  25. Ngah Ngaahh says:

    Who else wants to BACK OUT GAY-WEATHER ‘s FIGHT?

    even broner can beat Maidana in rematch…
    Why don’t he fight GARCIA or PACQUIAO?…..

    Simply he fights fighter he know he can beat,.. hahaha

  26. Anthony Mitchell says:

    I will say this!! If that was any other fighter taking that much punishment
    they would have quite!!

  27. Huq bnH says:

    adrian broner is like pushing maidana off as if he wants a chance to box
    with style and for show… wtf is broner thinking!? 

  28. hhh1200 says:

    hahaha, i’m not spending a nickle on a fmw fight. notice he didn’t add
    lara vs smith to his undercard. the last thing he needs is people to see
    lara clean the floor with smith. khan is fast so he will give fmw timing
    issues but he is small. guys going up in weight are no problem for fmw.
    bradley or lara is a legit 147 or 152 (catch weight) fight. he won’t
    touch those two guys with don king’s hands. 

  29. Nuk Official says:

    im convinced that Amir Khan can beat Mayweather! i will bet on it! People
    think that Khan has no chin well, they might be right but Floyd doesnt hit
    hard enough to knock Khan out he hasnt had a legit knockout in many years
    but Khan has the speed and punch to defeat Floyd thats why he ducked Khan
    to fight Maidana he didnt want those problems!

  30. Regi T. says:

    Great presser but man he talks too slow…i can’t deal. lol and why were
    the other sports graphics in The Moment video sooo ’80s infomercial-y.

  31. phatboi1988ful says:

    Pres cos whped his ass n now khans like Prescott no1 he’s no good we’ll
    guess wot that no1 kicked u ass

  32. wild4fp says:

    Should be fighting Khan but I feel he ducked that one. Khan is not
    brilliant but he boxes fast and that is Mayweather weakness, if there is

  33. Omizzy Lizardi says:

    Maidanas cool and all but im not down to spend money for a.boring fight.
    Mayweather has to rematch Saul and not pay him to lose lol jk but I’d be
    down to watch that fight and a plankiao fight. You aint gettin my money
    showtime. But its not your fault showtime cause you are the best

  34. Vigilante O Misionero says:

    “I know I’m late.. hehe” FOH Floyd! Made millions of the fans and can’t
    arrive on time.. you fuck nigga.. sort yourself out night before and be on
    time.. cunt

  35. licruz1 says:

    Thank God he said he doesn’t have a blueprint because that shit is getting
    old. I wish Maidana luck but Floyd may be too fast on his feet for him. I
    see this going to Floyd via UD

  36. Julio Estrada says:

    wait are those girls in the back real or are they in part of the poster?
    wtf lol.

  37. nemo hoess says:

    i know the fight girls gotta smile all the time but that shit gets creepy

  38. Kandrei417 says:

    The monkey team…… Boring fighter of all time

  39. atoda1112 says:

    As long as Ariza’s not cleaning his nose for him or using gauze for large
    cuts on his lip like in the Broner fight, this will be easy work. You know
    Ariza is a highly skilled trainer, slash cutman, slash strength and
    conditioning coach… Just ask Pacquiao… He understood this better than
    anyone… 7 years of “let the commission do their job Floyd” went straight
    out the window when he knew Ariza would be in the opposite corner… One
    fight later… And Pacquiao is having trouble agreeing to random testing
    again…. Somebody has to replace that money that went missing from the
    piggy bank…. Lol! TOP RANK Smh! Thank you Freddie Roach… Your youtube
    video calling Ariza a cheater is pretty interesting…. Somehow, I don’t
    think Ariza being a cheat is new news to Roach…

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