CVS Butter Cookies Review

CVS Butter Cookies Review

Wow, so I was going through my files and apparently had forgotten all about this footage. So now I am sharing the LOST FILES with you! Enjoy my brand of Madness! #TeamDaym Style Follow Me On: Twitter: @daymdrops Instagram: Daym_Drops Facebook:

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  1. cwatson42785 says:

    Cvs butter cookies?? WTF??

  2. rickysaint15 says:

    lol sippy cup

  3. 666PS3666 says:

    fail sippy cup. epic video

  4. doelife says:

    Omg, Got me taking secondary wigs of eggnog to the head from a sippy cup lmao. Funny af!!*

  5. rdloco says:

    NEMF truck passing on the background 0:41 I

  6. danny0605 says:

    na you made me laugh too hard this time!

  7. Dani3ll3NYS says:


  8. Dani3ll3NYS says:

    The supply cup killed me!

  9. kenrickeason says:

    This is how Cookies Is suppose to be!!!

  10. Luis Perez says:

    Funny as hell bro

  11. lukk lluk says:

    This Video is so funny(^ω^)

  12. kylem1112 says:

    dayum. they really that bad?

  13. kylem1112 says:

    yeah i found you through schmoyoho. :)

  14. MzJammy says:

    Thank you for eating that… so I do not have to!

  15. SpartanDeluxe says:

    I just discovered your channel today…you are so funny and so passionate in your reviews. Very entertaining. Much love from Austria. :D

  16. colonelcoltech says:

    “why do these smell like gym socks??” then almost spews….then eats them!!! You’re ma boy blue!

  17. Hij ra says:

    this is the first review i have come across from him where he’s not madly in love with the food :D

  18. Daym Drops says:

    Much love to my YouTube Fam for supporting my brand of Madness and of course those of you who are checking me out for the first time! Thanks!!

  19. Mike Donnelly says:

    Daym, I can’t stop laughing. This was great. What is your favorite burger?

  20. Kareem Brown says:

    Lok the sippy cup killed me

  21. STR33TK1LLN says:

    i like them cookies with milk

  22. dblueguy says:

    He might have got a bad tin

  23. Michelle Herrera says:

    What the hell? I bought those butter cookies because I loved the little tin container and they were super yummy. You are nuts. Unsubscribe for sure!

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