Custom Fortune Cookies?

Question by avehonduras: Custom Fortune Cookies?
I am looking to create some custom fortune cookies but I only have two messages I want printed and in the smallest amount possible. I want to put a message that says “You are going to be a daddy!” for my husband and one for my mom that says “You are going to be a grandma!” So you can understand why I don’t need to order like 50 or 200 of these. I am looking for a company that will make me like max, 10 of each since it’s only a one time surprise for two people. All of the websites I have looked at so far you have to have a minimum of 100 ordered of one message. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Wow! some great answers — both of which never occurred to me! Thanks so much! You have given me some wonderful options to think about. And great tip about recording it! I’ll have to do that.

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Answer by Lou
Hi, avehonduras!

First of all, congratulations! What a blessing.

You can always look into making your own. I Googled fortune cookie recipes for you and this one seems the easiest. Like you said, most places will only take large orders, so this way makes the most sense to me:

Much luck!

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  1. Jonah says:

    Since you really only need two fortune cookies – one with each message – what I would do is buy a bag of them and go through them to find a few that have the fortune paper sticking out of them so you can remove them without disturbing the cookie.

    Then print up your own fortunes and insert into those two cookies. Just make sure you keep them straight as to which is which!

    In an entire bag of cookies – I bet you can find them quite easily.

    BTW – that is a great idea. I hope you capture them opening it up on video! :)

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