Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies Recipe- Heart Sandwich Cookies

Get Recipe: These cream cheese sugar cookies are my new favori…

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  1. Panpan2Cloe says:

    sooo cute

  2. dulce m says:

    I don’t have any almond extract can I just use vanilla extract 

  3. Aubree Jay says:

    when im a mom and I have a family im going to cook like you :) 

  4. supersqueak says:

    I am sad because I tried making these and I messed it up so I wasn’t able
    to roll it out. I am not quite sure what I did wrong. Maybe that I sifted
    the flour or that I left the creamed part out for a 15 or so minutes before
    I added the dry ingredients. I still have some cream cheese so I will try
    again tomorrow maybe.

  5. supersqueak says:

    I was so annoyed I had to try again right away and was more careful this
    time. I was really careful and finally got it right this time.

  6. tweety chow says:

    Could you also give weight measurents?i wanna try those recipes but i dont
    have measuring cups..and dont know the exact amount..

  7. angle2488 says:

    so pretty

  8. leoraac says:

    Liquid-based dye in this recipe was probably easier to mix because of the
    stiffness of the dough

  9. UglyDuckling3WM4 says:

    Uber cute i plan to make these for my bf:)

  10. FireblockGirl12 says:

    ihave the piping thingy mines purple too awesome

  11. nichole307 says:

    These are awesome :) I’m sure there’s got to be a sugar free recipe for
    sugar cookies somewhere. Darn diabetes. I also didn’t know you had a son :)
    Little hands!! ahhh cuteness :)

  12. anj767 says:

    i adore these cute and sweet hearts. thanks! :)

  13. Grace Roberts says:


  14. MarvBerry says:

    Love love loveeeeeee this.. TY.. im SUBCRIBING!!!

  15. Michelle Tran says:

    U should really say how much of wat

  16. Divas Can Cook says:

    @TheDontCallMeSal lol those things looked a mess!! I’ve accepted the fact
    that me and icing/frosting don’t really get along when it comes to

  17. Ashley T says:

    Very creative…. Love the colors!!!!

  18. TheNot SoFamous says:

    how old is your son? I saw him in one of your other videos and he’s a cutie!

  19. MegaMjfan10 says:

    Cool :)

  20. Namrehs2004 says:

    My kids saw this and they wanted to make them now lol def going to try these

  21. pinkisbeautifull says:

    I made these cookies and the dough was too soft but the ccokies were

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