Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Recipe Demonstration –

Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Recipe Demonstration -

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Cranber…

  1. Binta Efi says:

    Mmmh looks delicious, can’t wait to make mine :-) ) . Just Voted good luck

  2. Thomas Sidney says:

    This looks delicious! Nice to see Brent and Scarlet too! Love what you are
    doing to these videos :) 

  3. shahoot Z says:

    +Joy of Baking OMG! Thank you so so much cause your recipes always work
    perfectly with me. I baked it today and I replaced the cranberry with some
    mix non salted nuts. Also, I just made the have of the ingrediants. They
    were so yummy and crispy. I’m going home this Christmas and I will make it
    for my mom but I will replace the dry cranberry with dry apple because it
    is my mom’s favorite fruit. God bless you and thank you again for sharing
    these easy yummy recipes. 

  4. Joy of Baking says:

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  5. Shannons Eats says:

    The ending was so sweet & precious! Also, I voted for your channel to win! 

  6. Rania issa says:

    Can you tell me where did you get your knife from … Thank you… By the
    way I made a lot of your recipes and they all turned out great… Never had
    a problem with any of them…thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes
    with us… By the way my daughter is five and she is addicted to your

  7. Hayuhi says:

    NICE :) 

  8. Robin C says:

    These cookies look wonderful..and what a cute dog!!!

  9. Daniela Janssen says:

    I love your Videos so much!
    And Baxter too :)
    I’ve an Airedale-girl <3 …. Her Name is Josie and wie live in
    North-Germany (Ostfriesland)

  10. Hind Adem says:

    Yummmy …i love it.god bless u and merry christmas to you and your family

  11. mmhuq3 says:

    Hi I have voted!

    Your videos have been fantastic for me. I sometimes show off to my mom and
    my aunts sometimes :) 

  12. SushiLover1990 says:

    I love your intro’s! Keep doing them :-) . Btw baxter is so cute!

  13. DeathAngleZoe says:

    How old is your son? :) 

  14. sophia ch. says:

    Baxter!! So adrobs ❤

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