Cordless Cookie Press *Sold Out* Your holiday gift… Christmas cookies made great, beautiful, fast and easy!

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  1. blaire hacker says:

    i have that

  2. Amanda Bearto says:

    Use a spoon.

  3. mariagi31 says:

    Why do I waste my life watching these

  4. runeplatoon says:

    how was that done

  5. NikkiMinajSuperBass says:

    what happened to the good old days when we onlu used two spoons ??

  6. M & L says:

    this makes cooking BORING

  7. jlaypoh says:

    wouldent it take like 10 min to put it in the tube

  8. Kandykane95 says:

    removing the elbow grease makes it not as… homemade in a way.. less way of actually personalizing it…

  9. zora0071 says:

    Would prefer the biscuits to be bigger. Can u control the size of the biscuits with this machine.??
    Also where did u buy this cordless press, most machines I saw has a cord.

  10. yokosou says:

    Cookies are made of dough, not batter…

  11. Rojin Habibi says:

    the one dat doesnt work looks better

  12. liveyroxs says:

    Who gives a fuck

  13. kitt keller says:

    where am i…

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