Cookies and Cream Pudding Pops -with yoyomax12

How to make a quick, easy, deliciously cool summer treat! Try them with chocolate pudding too :) 1 pack, 4 serving size vanilla flavour instant pudding 2 cup…
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While on tour Bernie Mac perfected the “Milk & Cookies” joke. Here he is in California still working it out. SUBSCRIBE NOW…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Alie Bendixen says:

    Made these had no cool whip but they were SO GOOD

  2. Cajmonet1 says:

    I Made This But I Use The Banana Cream flavour instant pudding And It Taste Yummie Thanks For The Recipe[=

  3. Ashley Savant says:

    do you need to put cool whip in?

  4. Rylie Gresham says:


  5. ryan reyes says:

    the white one it can be ice cream?

  6. Varsuvias says:

    Thanks so much for responding, I’m def gonna try it that way. :)

  7. miriandradj says:


  8. miriandradj says:

    They did just fine, I think… I have nothing to compare them to since I haven’t made ‘em w the cool whip… but they were edible!! My husband and I actually finished them all.. they were quite good! :)

  9. arizonamade17 says:

    I’m gonna try making banana pudding like this! Wish me luck!

  10. ExampleVids1 says:

    thats perfect. my mom got shocked when she received the ipad3 from this website on behalf of me. its not a joke, your address and mail id is enough to receive ur ipad3. have a try and enjoy :)  =>

  11. gaboxuix says:

    Las galletas son para conervno para hacer sus pendejadas

  12. Julianne Nguyen says:


  13. Julianne Nguyen says:

    Me and my friend tried it, it was delish!

  14. LoveLermanLogan says:

    I was wondering… Do you talk french or english at home?

  15. ImHalfMonkey says:

    I made this and it tastes delicious :D

  16. MsTheintrovert says:

    can i replace the vanilla pudding with a jello?

  17. HaleyBombastic says:

    Whipping cream is very vital ingredient in ice cream, sometimes.

  18. Tin TIn Dysco says:

    Is it okay with out whip cream ?

  19. Jenni BigDirectioner says:

    I just made them and they taste like HEAVEN!

  20. JimLiElevators says:

    AWESOME!!! that really makes me hungry! :D

  21. Halle B says:

    I made these yesterday! They are so so so tasty! Even my sister who doesn’t like Oreo’s ate them! And loved it! I didn’t have any coolwhip. And nothing seemed to be different, other then the color. So yummy!!!

  22. Varsuvias says:

    How did they turn out without the coolwhip? Was it a deal breaker, did they not set up or something? I want to make these myself, but I don’t like cool whip and I don’t have any.

  23. Varsuvias says:

    I’ve used instant Vanilla pudding before (this specific brand, too) and I’ve checked the pack – they don’t have gelatin in them. In fact, I think there actually vegan, because the only diary products needed are the milk you pour in, which can be substituted with almond/soy/coconut milk.

  24. LathamEntertainment says:

    The highest level. WL

  25. blessuslord says:

    Another level….rip

  26. samuelgarrett17 says:

    This lead to the show ………

  27. Mayar majak says:

    R.I.P Mac, one love

  28. bi0dude42O says:

    i hate the back of forest whitaker’s neck

  29. yungjojo3 says:

    You better walk it off

  30. Brock Williams says:

    Him down stairs

  31. LathamEntertainment says:

    Thumbs up if Bernie Mac was your favorite King of Comedy

  32. shamarturner14 says:


  33. abraham serna says:

    Get some mil n cuuckies, lol just like a fag

  34. Jeremiah Mcnair says:

    I would had kick the boegged boy off his damn feet and the oldest one

  35. Joshua Kyle Jackson says:


  36. MzSherice says:


  37. HoustonIsImmortal says:

    Can’t describe how funny this brother was!!

  38. LathamEntertainment says:

    Bring more subscribers so I can post more videos. WL

  39. BenficaxFan says:

    We want more Bernie Mac videos ^^

  40. knssctye says:

    lol Damn he was one of a kind thats for sure. miss you bro

  41. 1414meechie says:

    Love this man dearly! There will Never be another him. R.I.P Bernie Mac “You mean divide as in separate” lmao

  42. Elijah Baylock says:

    Me & Bernie Macs Show Didnt Even Get To Come Out Cause We Never Finished It..miss u man

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