Cookie Tray for Wedding, gimme some cookies!?

Question by Amanda R: Cookie Tray for Wedding, gimme some cookies!?
My mother-in-law wants to make a cookie tray for our wedding reception in December… I’m having 120 guests at a country club, and I was wondering what cookies to make.

My bridesmaid is going to do marshmallows dipped half in melted chocolate, lil snow flake sprinkles on them, and put in the fridge… they’re really good.

I came up with the idea of lil cubes of rice crispy treats dipped half in chocolate too…

but now i need COOKIES to make…

all i can ask is to be reasonable with the kind of cookies..
it’s hard to make ladylocks, so im gonna buy a few dozen, but still put those as a suggestion so i atleast know that people like them…

ideas would be sooo helpful!

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Answer by Caroline O
Why don’t you make an extra big batch of basic sugar cookies and frost them in the colors of your wedding? You could also consider ordering premade or custom made cookies. They can be really adorable. Here’s a link:
Good luck!

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  1. SoCal Country Girl says:

    sugar cookies – you could do shapes like snowflakes, etc…
    chocolate chip
    meringue cookies

  2. yaknow2 says:

    lemon bars are sweet and tangy and light and an elegant cookie for a wedding…and actually saw a pre boxed recipe in the cakes and cookies isle if she doesnt know how to make them from scratch.

    date pinwheels are really yummy and if your mil is a great baker, maybe she can get the ”pinwheel’ design perfected but theyre still tasty if not.

    baklava is delicious and really fun and easy to make if you like a real decadent treat

    good luck and happy nuptials

  3. latinprincy77 says:

    I used to work in a Deli back in my high school days, and they used to sell some cookies that were delicious. Cranberry and white chocolate cookies.

  4. PugMom says:

    chocolate covered pretzels are really easy and a crowd pleaser. Also, these things are fantastic! And you can dip them in different ways with all different combosof cake and frosting.

  5. L♥G says:

    Since you’re having a december wedding, why not do gingerbread cookies.
    Other Ideas:
    Sugar Cookies w/ your initials on it.
    Ginger Snaps
    Oatmeal raisin or oatmeal choco chip.

    here are some cute cookie cutters(wedding ones) that you might be interested in!

  6. sunshinenspokane says:

    Mexican Wedding Cookies. They are easy to make and yummy to eat. Also, Vienna Coffee Balls. They are also yummy and don’t even require baking.

  7. jandismommie says:

    Buy some of the strawberry marshmallows and dip them to. They taste even better then the regular ones and there the same price. For the cookies you could make chocolate chip, peanut butter kisses, (peanut butter cookie with a Hershey kiss in the middle), sugar cookies plain and also dipped in chocolate, bite sized cheesecake with blueberry or cherry pie filling on top, No bakes, mini nut rolls, Rollo turtles(Take a mini squared shaped pretzel and place a rollo on top. Place in the oven for a min or two. Just enough to melt the chocolate some. Then place a whole pecan or walnut on top.), macaroons, pineapple cookies, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, oreo carmel clusters(take 3 mini oreo cookies and arrange to look like a triangle pout a teaspoon of melted carmel on top and then a teaspoon of chocolate and let harden), white chocolate chunk, m&m, lady locks, and cream puffs. Besides cookies you could also have some strawberries and other fruits dipped in chocolate.

  8. Yve G says:

    Try Mexican wedding cookies (aka Snowball Cookies).

  9. Enticing_Raspberry says:

    You already have some great ideas.

    Good luck and the cookie tray sounds really elegant.

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