Cookie sheet replacement?? i needa bake cookies but i dont have cookie sheets?

Question by yoyoyo9141: Cookie sheet replacement?? i needa bake cookies but i dont have cookie sheets?
i need to bake cookies but i dont have any cookie sheets! its too late to go to the shop and buy some. are there any good replacements for them which you think i would have lying around in my house?? i’ll give a best answer! thankssssssss so much!! xoxo

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Answer by Holly Tamale
I didn’t have a cookie sheet for years (college kid) and always used parchment paper (NOT wax paper). If you don’t have parchment paper, grease up some aluminum foil. I used that when I ran out of parchment paper. :)

Also, if you use aluminum foil, when your cookies come out of the oven, remove them from the foil immediately, or else they’ll continue to cook the bottoms of your cookies.

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  1. KittyKeeper says:

    The aluminum foil idea is a good one, however the admonition to remove the cookies quickly afterwards is not accurate. Aluminum is a very good conductor of heat, so as soon as it’s removed from the oven, the foil will cool to room temperature in a couple of minutes. The cookies, however, will retain their heat by virtue of their being good insulators. Even with the foil removed, the cookies will remain hot well afterward. The foil would actually draw the heat away from the cookies and aid in cooling them. This is the priciple of a heat sink, such as the kind you might find in your computer.

  2. John B says:

    try this

    Bake Cookies on Foil on the Oven Rack

    Step 1 Take the oven rack out of the oven. Do this before you preheat oven.

    Step 2 Preheat oven

    Step 3 Line the oven rack with at least two sheets of foil, making sure to fold it over the sides so that it stays put.

    Step 4 Place the cookie dough balls on the “foil pan”. You can make larger batches since the cookie sheet tends to be smaller than the standard oven rack.

    Step 5 Put rack and dough balls in oven and bake as normall, then remove rack and cookies when done and let cool.

    Step 6 Remove the cookies from the oven rack when cool. With this method, you’ll have to be more careful when you remove the cookies. The foil could tear.

    Step 7 Wait until the rack is cool and then reline it with foil for each subsequent baking.

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