Cookie recipes that can withstand being shipped to Iraq for Halloween/Thanksgiving?

Question by Samrfuzz: Cookie recipes that can withstand being shipped to Iraq for Halloween/Thanksgiving?
I don’t want to make sugar cookies, saving those for Christmas… What are some Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving cookie recipes that I could look into that would withstand being shipped to Iraq? I need something that wont be total crumbs by the time they get there, but also wont spoil the 2+ weeks in transit… Anything (other than a sugar cookie) that works well with cookie cutters is also a plus.

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Answer by fathom_boy
Chewy Oatmeal cookies with raisins. They last a while

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  1. mswnana says:

    Oatmeal/raisin. No cookie cutters, though. Peanut butter cookies that you crisscross with a fork. Oatmeal raisin would withstand the mail better and not fall apart. Buy some of those cookies with the Halloween designs in them and bake them.

  2. Cowgirl_Power says:

    Make pumpkin cookies, add butter scotch chips and hey are DELISH.

    I would wrap them in stakes of 2 or 3 withseren wrap frim but not to tight. The place in a ziplock baggies and use hard candies and gum as packing material and you should be pretty good.

  3. barracuda says:

    I’ve been “over there” quite a few times. No particular cookie will survive any better than the next. It’s all in how you pack them.
    Make whatever cookies you like, and place them in paper towel or napkin lined disposable sandwich sized Tupperware containers. Don’t stack them too high, and don’t leave room for them to move around. If you have to, place extra paper towels around the sides to keep them from shifting. also, put a layer of paper towels over and under each row of cookies.
    You will have to send a few containers, but they stand a better chance as individuals than if packed in a huge bowl or in baggies. Be sure not to allow the containers to move around inside the box that you pack it in.
    Mail is basically thrown like a bucket brigade, tossed from the truck to the big box then from that to the plane. It might get dropped, it might not. Pack like it’s going to get dropped.
    If you’re going to decorate the cookies, send a photo of them just in case.

    Home made cookies are very awesome to get. crumbs are still good.

  4. Cathy says:

    I have an idea for you – you asked for a cookie that could work with a cookie cutter – well, it made me remember – Cookie Treat pans.

    These would work even for cookies that are not usually cut with cookie cutters so whatever you decide to make, at least you would be able to get a shape with them even without cookie cutters.

    Good luck.

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