Cookie Recipe – How to Make Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

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  1. Mrs.bieber In the house says:

    Do we have to use brown sugar 

  2. Joshua Garcia says:

    Subscribed! I love that all your recipes are easy to make and all your
    videos are under 5 minutes :)

  3. Kirby Daniella says:

    how about instant oatmeal? and how much is 1 cup in a gram scale?

  4. T's Treasure Chest says:

    can you use old fashioned oats with this

  5. Allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question, Joshua! You could freeze the peaches (once
    they are washed, dried, and pitted) to use them throughout the year. To
    pack them fresh, wrap them in bubble wrap and store in a single layer while
    traveling. Be gentle! Peaches won’t keep too long, so eat them as soon as
    you get a chance. We have a number of peach pies that you can try to bake

  6. Joshua Garcia says:

    Can you make a video on how to pack fresh peaches my mom picked a ton from
    our tree and they will rot?

  7. Allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question. You can certainly use old fashioned oats in
    this recipe – they’ll give the cookies more texture. Enjoy!

  8. Tina Tiffany says:

    Does the cookie taste good without the peanut butter filling in the middle?

  9. Allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question. These will be more soft and chewy than crisp
    or crunchy. For a crunchier cookie, try baking them for an extra minute of
    two, making sure they don’t burn. You could also try substituting brown
    sugar for white and flattening the cookies slightly. Happy baking!

  10. afiesha young says:

    Thanks a lot cause my simian craving for a crunchy cookie lol thanks for
    the help

  11. SidneyJane16 says:

    If I use white sugar instead of brown sugar, will it change the flavor much?

  12. Martha Llamas says:

    Fabulous :)

  13. esmereyes86 says:

    Pleeas do hiw to make a minion cake from dispecable me pleasss!!!

  14. NusaybahBintKa3b says:

    if u want them to be crunchy replace the brown sugar with white sugar and
    cook the cookies a little longer (careful not to burn them.)

  15. dwtbb00 says:

    @afeishayoung If you’re looking for crunchy, I’d substitute the peanut
    butter for a crunchy/super crunchy version. I would also drizzle some
    chocolate on them or dip half of the cookie in chocolate. Dark chocolate
    perhaps. I’m a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate together.

  16. Lara Duff says:

    For the cookies, could I use chunky peanut butter instead of creamy peanut

  17. Lara Duff says:

    I mean: 1 cup sugar/butter=250g 1 cup oats=150g

  18. krochetitkute says:


  19. david whitaker says:

    FLUFFERNUTTER! Thats what she said!

  20. 5pecialist says:

    Your arms aren’t small; your delts are just even bigger!! Just think like
    Kali Muscle: “If you don’t have 22″ arms, shut your mouth!”

  21. Christopher Cogar says:

    Just got my machine greens today, FAST SHIPPING, I have to say, the taste
    was GREAT, I was expecting a nasty taste, but its a “fruity green tea”
    taste. PROPS dude, My next order will be some FLUFF/mixed with cookies in
    cream. BOOM

  22. Beto Alvarez says:

    I bought cookies and cream and I can’t find the scooper thanks muscle and
    strength !

  23. Chris Maldonado says:

    Are you going to be selling your protein at the fitcon?

  24. Michaelsp9 says:

    Cellucor peanut butter marshmallow is my all time favorite whey flavor. How
    does it compare? I have a hard time believing it tastes better… But then
    again I’ve never had MTS whey.

  25. questionnnn says:

    Wish your UK distributor had Cookies & Cream/ Peanut Butter Fluff MTS Whey
    and any future flavours Marc, still only Chocolate and Vanilla.

  26. Emmanuel Frost says:

    1st ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  27. Yunzhe Jie says:

    international shipping available?

  28. Tim shufflebottom says:

    Mark, if I could just take a moment of your time if you don’t mind, and ask
    you a question regarding your products (protein in particular)
    1.How many serving’s do you get per 2.25kg tub?
    2.What size are the scoops for this protein?
    3.How many grams of protein per scoop do you get with each scoop?


  29. Juan Rodriguez says:

    The 5lb price is pretty avg compared to the others.. Pretty sure it taste
    good tho. Drop the price 10 bucks and im sold.

  30. djay dee says:

    What happend to my free tub of peanut butter?

  31. Jose Avalos says:

    damb I received an order last week…makes me want to order again but im
    stocked on whey….Fuaark. I cant drink it fast enough. GAINZ

  32. zEquilibrium says:

    will it be about another month until you restock on peanut butter fluff
    after it sells out? or will the restock be faster/slower than the cookies
    and cream?

  33. BMunich16 says:

    Nothing compares to MTS whey. Only protein I’ve ever bought more than

  34. Beto Alvarez says:

    Everybody has peanut butter whey !

  35. Beto Alvarez says:

    Hey Marc you want to sell me some mts from your trunk ! I live right nexts
    to your town Elgin !

  36. Uroš Grandovec says:

    could you add some more countries to the shipping list like mine (Slovenia,
    right next to Croatia) because your produce are really cheap and there is
    actually about 20$ of savings if I decide to buy the standard gold whey

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