Cookie Recipe – How to Make Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Get the top-rated recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Coconut Chewy at Watch how to make a …
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How to make delicious, moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies at home. My recipe is so easy and is as no fail as you can get. Give it a go! Check out my chan…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Rimas M. says:

    what if you can’t find a brown sugar? :/ ☆★☆

  2. gsooo1 says:

    What’s the scooper size?(1/2/3tbsp)

  3. wheeler1 says:

    NOM NOMS!!!

  4. TheTsoufou says:

    The recipe calls for rolled oats, the regular oats you can find in most

  5. Puff Ski says:

    OMG looks delish!!! Thanks so much! :D

  6. christine bartolome says:

    what kind of oatmeal am I going to use????

  7. raichuubaybee says:

    These are so good!!! I only used a teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1 cup of
    chocolate chips though.

  8. Loan Hứa says:

    I plan to use this recipe, but if we use baking soda, will the cookies be

  9. ProkyRost says:

    well this is a winner in my book

  10. Ranim Mood says:

    So glad that the old narrator is back!

  11. lucianafcs says:

    nooooo !! dont put the coconut in!!! aaaaa !!

  12. assej park says:

    Is it ok not to put coconuts in it?

  13. dinastruths says:

    i love it, but its over 7,000 calories for everything although im trying to
    lose some weight. yummy. i will eat everything. hahah.

  14. Yuki Munehira says:

    I’ll try this one too

  15. Hotpink2juicyblue says:

    I made them with m&ms and it’s AMAZING! MY families LOVED IT! SO did I

  16. dyleck islam says:

    Thanks so so so much! Made these yesterday and my family loved it! I’m
    going to make it again today! yay!

  17. androaide says:

    omg they where so good.First time i ever bake and they where awesome

  18. Aaliyah Neille-stewart says:

    Check the description sannala

  19. Jennifer Xiong says:

    Can I just substitute the chocolate chips with m&m’s ? 

  20. Kitty Girl. says:

    yummy i love them too :) 

  21. sannala bhagyalaxmi says:

    how much flour did u say? is it 1 nd 1/3 or 1 3/4?

  22. Alisha Roy says:

    Do they spread themselves? Or you have to press on them to make them round
    like that?

  23. Christian Augustin says:

    You my friend are AWESOME 

  24. stephanie lano says:

    I’ve tried this and i love it :) 

  25. tweety chow says:

    I really wanna try this but can you give weight measurements to me?
    (in grams) Cause i dont have those measuring cups.

  26. Charlize Alysa says:

    Thanks I’m gonna make it btw I wonder what he looks like

  27. Veera Qureshi says:

    160 degrees celcius is 320 degrees Fahrenheit! & 100 g of butter is one
    stick! (:

  28. vonBorowsky says:

    Aussie! Thank you for your time making this video. I have made the cookies
    and it is fantastic. Everybody here loves it! I would just suggest that for
    your channel be even better, you should change your intro! It is ugly and
    …it is simply not good. Your videos and your channel deserve something

  29. 전주은 says:

    Thankyou so much!It is so simple to make and they tasted so good!I loved

  30. Kath Day-Knight says:

    YUMMO !

  31. xPhoLOVE says:

    Are you using no salt because you’re using salted butter? How much salt
    should I add if I’m using undated butter? 1/2 tsp?

  32. Aussie Griller says:

    New Cook With Aussie Episode guys, enjoy :)

    Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Video Recipe

  33. Nicky Rose says:

    I was going to make homemade cookies today and I am going to make them like

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